Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More pictures---Maybe..LOL

Yay!!!! It worked--these are pictures of the front of my home:) This is the gate--> This is the front of the house--->
This is part of my yard--->
This is the front door--->

Blogger is not playing nice with me today:( I took pictures of my home and blogger will not let me add them here---I will try again tomorrow. *Updated---I tried one last time and it worked---so these are some of the pics I took, I hope you enjoy..LOL--Blogger sure was being difficult for me today, sorry for the delay on the pictures:)


Jammy said...

Blogger will not allow me to upload pics today either! It's so frustrating......

You home looks charming!


Anonymous said...

Your home is beautiful. The yard is lovely too!