Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Good Morning!

I wasn't able to look through all the menu's last night like I wanted too. So my menu didn't go up as I planned. OOPS!

The Hamburger Stew last night was good..it was a little bland in taste, so next time I am thinking of adding something to it, not sure yet, maybe cream of mushroom soup or onion soup?

Tonight for dinner, I am going to make a chicken and broccoli casserole. I have lot's of broccoli to use up. :)

Also, this week I want to make Homemade Pizza. Pepperoni is a lot cheaper to buy from the deli then the actual package, so that is what we get:)

The weather here has been really nice, so we have been taking advantage of it, by going to the park and enjoying the fresh air. There are a few really nice parks by me. The big slide always scares me. I am such a nervous mother, I am the one following my kids all around the playground, while I notice the other mother's just sitting back chatting away to eachother. Alexis, bless her heart, she goes on the big slide with Little Kevin, because she knows I am so nervous when he is up so high.

Oh, and another thing. As I dropped Alexis off at school....I think I was the ONLY mom that did not have a cell phone attached to my head. What is up with that? I don't get it. At the stores too. Have you ever thought the person was talking to you, when actually they were on the phone...LOL. I have a cell phone, but I have it more for security, in case I break down, an accident, an emergency..or Kevin needs me...

I have a few things I need to get at the Walmart. I love Walmart...I wish we had a Super Walmart though here in California. The grocery stores won't have it...the one time we had a Super store, they were picketed until they had to close:( Our Walmart does carry food, but not produce or meat.

Have a wonderfully Glorious Tuesday!!
Stay warm!


Mari said...

I use my cell phone the same way. I usually don't even have it on, which my kids tease me about!
I wish we had a Super Walmart near us too. They have great deals. :)

Julieann said...

Mari, I know what you mean. My son teases me that my cell phone still looks brand new..and it is so old...LOL.

Also, I spent 97 dollars at Walmart in Georgia, that would have cost a couple hundred in California..Oh, I wish we had a Superstore:)


Mrs. U said...

Hi Julieann!!!
I had a really good laugh at this post because I feel like I could have written it!!

I only have a cell phone for emergency calls. I NEVER drive on it and talk. For that matter, I usually forget to charge it!! It amazes me, too, to see so many people so attached to theirs. It also saddens me to see so many mothers super engrossed on their phone (either talking or on facebook) that they ignore their children. So sad for those children!!!

Also, I am a nervous mother, too, although I call it protective. Smile. Too many creepy people in this world who would love to harm children and I will protect my children no matter what. So, I don't mind anyone that thinks I'm silly for watching my children so closely. They are my blessings from the Lord!!!!

Have a happy Tuesday!!

Mrs. U

Robin said...

Hi Julieann! The Hamburger Stew looks delicious. Maybe if you use beef broth in place of the water that would help it to not be as bland. I bet it smelled really good when it was cooking.

Robin : )