Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It is like summer here, very warm. I am not bragging, I promise, I would like it to be more like winter then summer. My husband will ask me, how could I wish that? I don't know, I guess I just like the weather to match the season. Plus, I am soooo white, I wore a sundress yesterday and I glow, I am so white. My husband said I used to be so tan, and I said that was before three kids and a husband...LOL. Who has time to lay out when you have so much to do. :) I am happy though, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Little Big Planet 2 comes out today and my children have been counting down the days for it. So I will be going to get that when the store opens.

I organized the upstairs hallway, and it looks so nice now. On my list of organizing projects is my daughter's closet, oh boy does that need it!

Tonight for dinner we are having chicken tenderloins. Last night we had the breaded porkchops I have in my menu list in the post below. We bought strawberries and blackberries at the Costco over the weekend, and boy do my kids love those. I also bought fake sushi (California Rolls) Have you ever had those? I love those and so does everyone else. I put some of those in my daughter's lunch today. I have to be creative lately with her lunch, because she has told me as of late that she really does not care for sandwiches. It just doesn't feel right to pack a lunch without a sandwich in it...LOL.

Here are some pictures of a lunch I made her last week. This is a turkey sandwich

That I put in a container, so it won't get squished. No one likes a squishy sandwich.

In the little purple container, she has fresh fruit in it. It has a little cold cube in it, to keep it cold. This particular time she had pineapple in it.

Oh, and I can't forget the Edamame....everyone loves Edamame.

Pretzels, yogurt, a juice, raisins.

Okay, that was a look inside one of the lunches I make for school.

I have 2 loads of laundry to do today also.

Have a WONDERFUL Tuesday

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