Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Organized!

I just love getting organized. It seems like it is a never ending process. It is actually a process I enjoy:) I love going to bed knowing things are neat and tidy and everything has a place. Is my home picture perfect? Absolutely not...LOL. Is it clean, yes:) My living room is not a show room, it is very simple, and very kid friendly:) One day I will have an adult home, but for now it is for the is safe and clean, but there is ALWAYS room for improvement. I have shown you pictures before, of how messy it can get...LOL.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this site. It has so many wonderful printables. I use them for my Notebook~~~~~> Free Printables:)

Yesterday I made cheese grits for breakfast with sausage and sliced apples. This morning I made dippy eggs with toast, sausage and milk:) I walked my mile, and now I am going to the market for a few things I need. I need more coffee:) What kind of coffee to you buy?

What is your favorite Coffee?
What is your favorite Tea?

Happy Thursday!


DeNiece Barnes said...

Hello Julieann, my favorite coffee of all time is Maxwell House we buy it by the big cans around here, and I love Lipton tea because you can make it with cold water and hot water. My living room is so like yours, with baby McKenzie in the house and at 7 months she will be walking very soon. Have a wonderful Thursday.

Patty said...

Hi Julieann! I'm getting an organized house, after being so chaotic for so long, it's refreshing. I prefer tea, but when I get coffee it's usually a caramel latte. Most of the time though, I am chugging chai. I make it with PG Tips black tea which is really hard to find in the US. I have to order it from England or have my friend there send me some. I found a great chai spice blend I like, so it makes a lot more cups than buying boxes of chai tea bags.
We're finally past the *little* kid toys everywhere phase. Now I have two teens and an 8 yr old at home, so it's a "little" bit more adult, but still comfy.