Friday, January 21, 2011


Today when I signed into blogger, they had a notice, that they are automatically blocking spam comments which I am so happy about. I was about to change my comments, because I was getting comments about things that were *Adult* related. I don't know why they want to leave those kind of comments on this blog..silly really. I also, had to remove my chat box, and when I asked the people to stop leaving ads, one replied NO, and then laughed...Oh well.

On Wednesday morning my little boy woke up wheezing really bad, it broke my heart. I took him to the Doctor, and the Doctor gave him 2 breathing broke through and he was able to breath so much better. He is now on some liquid breathing medicine. I have asthma, so I know what it is like to struggle to breath. The Doctor said it was asthma, and I started to tear because I don't want him to have go though what I have been through with Asthma. The Doctor said that this could possibly be just a one time occurrence, so I am so hoping that it was just his cold that moved into his chest and nothing more! I took him back on Thursday and his lungs were clear, he did not need another treatment. He seems to be back to his normal, happy, playful self today.

After the Doctor's we had to go fill his prescription and I told Kevin he could pick out a treat. He picked out a Carrot smoothie..LOL. HE LOVED IT! So now, I have a question. The Carrot Juice is rather expensive, and I would love to make homemade fruit and veggie juices. Does anyone have a juicer? Is there one you recommend? I don't know anything about juicers, but I would love to get one now.

Organizing, I had written a post earlier about how I was joining Laura's 52 week organizing project. I have organized quite a bit. I am working on my daughter's closet this week. I think next week, I will start on mine. I still have to do the 2 junk drawers in my kitchen, but I did finish my armoire:)

Dinner, I have followed my menu list pretty closely. The evening I had to take the kids to the dentist for there cleaning, I had made the pasta bake that afternoon, so when we got home, I just had to warm it up. Easy!

We have leftovers of a few things, so I pulled out a pack of chicken tenderloins to cook. the kids will have the leftover pasta bake, since they love it so much. I will also have a salad to go with everything.

This weekend, I plan on doing some things around the house, maybe get to those junk drawers...LOL. The Doctor wants Kevin to rest for a few days, so we will be taking it easy around here. Happy Friday!

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Mari said...

Poor Kevin. Glad the treatment helped. I have asthma too - not awful but it can be a trial. Hope his is a one time thing.
I'm happy about the spam thing too. Like you I've gotten some nasty comments. I don't thing the people reading our blogs are the type to want to visit those sites anyway!