Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekend Chatter!

Hi everyone. I didn't say anything earlier, because I just didn't feel comfortable telling the whole world that my husband is not here---he left on Thursday, for Oregon--he went to a competition for his job---I am not sure if you all remember he went to the one in Atlanta last summer, and they started a new one in Oregon--it is a place where everyone gets together from all companies and have sort of a competition--well, I am so proud to say, he placed first!!! YAY, and he is now on his way home and should be here this afternoon--so I have to make an extra special dinner for him!!--ooohhh, I think I will bake a cake too:) The prize is money--so that is awesome!

Alexis's birthday is June 29th---so I am having a party for her on the 28th--it is a circus theme--I have given myself a 200.00 budget----I have a clown coming and she is 125.00---I was going to rent a Cotton candy machine, but I can get cotton candy at walmart for 20.00--then, I am getting a helium tank for 12.50 and my girlfriend's boyfriend, is going to paint a huge clown face on card board for the beanbag toss--I have to make the bean bags. My Husband has a bunch of folding tables and chairs in his office so I will have enough chairs for everyone. I am trying to make my yard like a little circus---So I am well under budget--we will have popcorn and cracker jacks--and I will grill hotdogs and hamburgers--and I am going to make a cake this year:) If I go over, that is okay, but I want a base--I think 200.00 is more then enough for a 7 year olds party--there will be about 15 children. I will get more into this in another post--I will show off my invites that I am making and the goody bags that I made too.

Little Kevin's teeth--he is 13 months and is already showing signs of decay--he is far too young for any kind of work, so I have to be extremely careful and keep his teeth extra clean and in about 6 months the dentist will fix his cavities--ugh--I was so sad, but this happened to my oldest and my daughter and now Little Kevin--I am so careful too--I am always brushing or on my older kids to brush, I have all the products, the floss, the mouthwash, toothpaste, tons of toothbrushes--I guess I just got lucky. Now that it has sunk in, I will be okay--when all is said and done, I have beautiful, healthy children, a few cavities is not going to knock me down!!

I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!!

My weekly Menu will be up sometime today:)


Sondra said...

Oh, a circus party! How fun! I am sure you can come up with so many cool ideas for that. I used to have a great circus cake in one of my cake decorating books. Do you have an idea yet for the cake?
I am sorry that Kevin is having problems with his teeth. My oldest had problems like that and had to get a partial when he was three. I was no fun :( I hope you can stay on top of that for him. Some people take excellent care of thier teeth but still have problems and the other way around. Strange.

The Adventures of Jing & Ying said...

The party sounds sooo fun. You are really creative...I just take my kids to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and games, but the circus theme sounds more fun!

Don't beat yourself up over Kevin's teeth. My 4 year old has stains on her teeth that I fear will eventually turn into cavities. I don't understand, because I am very obsessive about brushing her teeth, limiting sweets, etc. Sometimes it's just out of our control. (((Hugs)))

Mrs. U said...

What fun!! A circus party!! You certainly sound like you know what you are doing with your organization!! I know that she will have the BEST birthday ever!!!

And congratulations to Kevin!!! Did he go really well last year, too? You have a talented, hard-working husband!! What an honor!!

I will pray about Little Kevin's teeth. One of my friends and her husband both have perfect teeth and ALL 3 of their children have horrible teeth!!! It's strange how it showed up all of a sudden in the children.

Have a blessed evening with your dh home!

Mrs. U