Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hi--It is Tuesday!

Today is Tuesday, and Little Kevin is napping and Alexis and Tony are already home from school--Alexis took my eyeliner and made whiskers on her face so she can be a Kitty Kat...LOL. Today we had a picnic at the park with her first grade class and Kevin even was able to come and join in the fun--I stopped at the deli and bought some lunch meat and made Kevin a super deluxe sandwich, and I packed a few snacks for the kids--but they were more interested in playing. It is a warm day today--I am wearing a sundress it is black with white flowers on it--it flows and makes me feel like such a lady. My oldest son is 16 and had some finals today--and we seem to to be batting heads--he is able to grow facial hair, and I am asking him to shave it off---because I don't think it looks nice--what do you think? Should I pick my battles and leave this issue alone? I mean he has grown a full beard---I don't like it!

I bought some chicken thighs at the store today so I am going to pop those in the oven with some teriyaki sauce, and then make some rice---and a yummy green salad. My washer is running right now, I am doing my whites. I am counting the days for my Grandmother's return--I am so excited to have her back. I am almost done with the goody bags----I can't wait to share them with you all.

I have not received our stimulus check yet---we of course did the third party rapid refund, so we are waiting for a paper check and we also have the high digits in our social--so we will be the last to get it ---oh well-----Just wondering if any of you received yours and what are your plans for it. I know I am going to stock the pantry really well--and take the kids to Disney--the rest I hope to just sit on in the bank:) Have a great Tuesday!


Lori said...

Too funny. I made grilled chicken breasts and rice for supper tonight too. Great minds think alike.

We did recieve our stimulus check from the government a couple weeks ago.
As far as plans for the check.
Nothing in particular other than used towards my husband's new pickup and also used for our vacation out to Washington to visit Al's brother and his family.

Tracy said...

We did get our check. My hubby's social ends in 02! We got ours the very first day. And we bought an above ground pool 27 feet across x 52" deep!

TJ said...

I'm very much of the pick your battle mind. I looked at some of the requirements to send my kids to private christian schools here, but quickly decided that they were fighting un-important battles. Like: I don't care if Mo decides to grow his hair long. And if he chooses to dye it green, ok. As long as he loves the Lord and is obedient, I'm ok with it.

I think that while you may not care for the beard (I'm not a beard lover either and hubby has one all winter) eventually he will tire of it and shave it off.

Thanks for stopping by today! I have been so busy I haven't come by your blog and realized I missed reading it!

Paula said...

Hi Julieann, have not stopped by your blog for a while. Boy---I don't know about the facial hair issue. I think I would be going head to head with our son if that happened also because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it either.

As for the stimulus check, we gave some to our church, helped a lady at church who has cancer by helping her pay her insurance while she is off work, paid down some credit cards, and for a real treat bought a new Nikon D60 camera--am absolutely loving the camera!!

I need to catch up with some of your blog posts.


Mamabear said...

Such a sweet spirit you have. I think that a young man who lives with his parents should abide by their wishes. As adults we have to submit to many things we would rather not. (income taxes, etc.etc.) People who are unable to budge about details and must have it their way or else, often have a difficult path in life. Could this be an opportunity to exercise submission and obedience? Absolutely. It's not really about the facial hair, even though that's where the discussion lands. It's about his ability to submit to the authority of his parents. He is starting to assert himself, and that's natural. He is at the start of his ascent into adulthood. In Bible times a man wasn't of age until age 30 or so. Realizing that this is 2008, he isn't too old to accept your instruction and to honor your wishes. ( hildren, honor your parents that your days may be long on the earth..God will bless him for his obedience) That my dear, is my two cents worth. Love your blog. So glad your Grammy is within days of her return! ((hugs))

Julieann said...

MamaBear, thank you so much for your kind comment--I appreciate it very much, as I do to all my comments!!!


Anonymous said...

I have no idea on the facial hair thing. I am not there yet! I did recieve our check. We are buliding a deck for our pool we go tlast summer, putting the rest up. We have spent some on ourselves. We went to my mom's for vacation. She has a lake house and we spent a little with that. I hope it lasts a little long.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julieann...When my son was 16 he grew something on his face also. I didn't really like it but I also thought that he was not into drugs or drinking, stayed home most of the time so I know he wasn't out getting into trouble at the time..he was a good boy....I thought to myself if facial hair is the worst of my worries...it is nothing. :) After a while he got tired of it and shaved it off himself. God bless you and your family.