Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday--Already ??!!

Good Morning! I didn't post yesterday--I didn't not mean too, my day just worked out that way. It was a HOT day--I filled up the pool I have, and Alexis, Little Kevin and I played in the pool. I put a little sun block on the them, but they still got a little sunkissed--I don't know what is worse, the chemicals from the sun block or the sun---what do you think? I stopped at the store and bought these flowers --->

My blinds are down because it is so hot outside and I turned the Air on---Keeping it nice in the house!

I am also going to start stocking up on these bags for grocery shopping--they are a dollar each and big--SO I figure if I buy one each time I am out--I will have a lot soon. Every bit helps!

Have you ever had these Snapea Crisps--they are baked not fried, and sooooooo YUMMY!! We all love them, especially the baby!

These are the goody bags--I finished them all--I glued the little pom poms on all of them, to give a little circus touch to them--I have started to fill them with little toys and I will put some candy and stickers in them too.

My last cycle was May 15th--and I am now 37 days past---I usually have always been a 28 day girl--but since it started back up it was 34 days last time--what do you think?


Swansong said...

ohhhhhh and you were feeling sick! First Response has been good to me!

Ack I have so much to catch up with on my blog- between pictures of dinner and my CVS deals.

Good Luck!!

TJ said...

Hope you are either preggo, or your cycles work themselves out. I was always a 28 or 29 day girl, then had my tubes tied and I'm all over the place.

Check out for the best sunblocks to use. I was surprised to find the Banana boat I had bought for the kids wasn't so good, but the inexpensive NO-Ad that I really like was less toxic and provided better protection.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tracy said...

Time to buy a pregnancy test?

Mrs. U said...

OH JULIEANN!!! Please go buy a test!!! I know that if I am quite excited about the possibilites, you must be a million times moreso!!!


Mrs. U

Jodi said...

Hmm ~ I think I'm with Tracy on that one ~ time to buy a pg test! :o)

Your pom-pom bags are so adorable!!

Regarding sunscreen - Most of the time we swim after the pool is in the shade so the children don't have to use sunscreen, but when we do swim in the sun, we use sunscreen.

Feathering My Nest said...

The gift bags are so cute. You are such a good mom. Are you getting any cravings or aversions to food? Sounds like it could be. I hope your dreams come true Julianne. Hugs, Kathi ps We had a wonderful week of school, even though it was just Garrett. He had 4 teachers one day, as we had some friends over. Thank you for asking.

Lori said...

Love those gift bags. They turned out so cute!!!

We always wear sunscreen on days that we are going to be out in the sun.

How are you feeling BTW?

Anonymous said...

Julieanne. I love the gift bags. They came out cute. I too have began buying the cloth store bags for $1. They seem sturdy. I'm reading backwards if you can tell by my comments :)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.