Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Thoughts On Being A Woman

I like, no, let me change that--I LOVE being a girl--I love every thing about being female. I love to wear feminine dresses, I love to have long hair, pretty nails--I love to smell pretty, paint my toes a pretty pink. I love how a bracelet falls delicately on my wrist--I love that my small hand fits perfectly in my husbands large manly hand. I love to sew, crochet, bake bread, cook, laundry, yes laundry. I adore to be the keeper of *MY* home. I love that when I was at the hospital having a baby, my husband couldn't believe all the things that had to be done at home--I love reading about other women. I love having babies--I love having a cycle and being reminded of who I am. I love makeup---I would never want to do what my husband does or any man for that matter, nor could I. I don't think women should run for president and why in the world does a woman want to dress like a man, no thank you! I would never want my husband to wear a dress and use my bread machine. I don't want my husband staying home and taking care of my babies--even though I know he could--women are born nurturers--our children need us, the mother!! We need to breastfeed our babies, not formula feed--I take a very strong stance on that---I think formula should be handed out like a prescription for those that really *can't breastfeed*-- I know, I know there are exceptions to every rule.

We need to be women, why are so many women wanting to be so manly--When we get married and take the role as a wife and mother, we need to take that role very seriously, it was one of the most important roles in life we will ever do! Especially when we have babies, we need to give up our careers and take responsibility for our own and raise our children!!! We need to respect our husbands and never put them down, they have a lot of responsibillity too, bless their hearts. Gosh, we have totally become a materialistic world---we pay cash for everything--if we don't have the cash, we don't by it, period! Yes, I know theres always exceptions to the rule, I know this---God is very good, he is very smart and he does not make mistakes, he knew what he was doing when he made man, and when he made woman----our rolls are spelled out. We need to take responsibility for who we are , what we are doing and what we have created--we have to stop having to be so politically correct and just do the right thing. Last but not least, put the cell phone down when driving. In July California is passing a law, that you can no longer talk on the phone while driving unless it is hands free--yay!!!

..and yes, I know, there are exceptions to every rule---I am just so happy to be a woman, I totally embrace it--apron and all... :)


Melissa said...

Wow, this post was amazing!! I pictured you saying it all word for word...not taking a breath until the cell phone comment (which made me laugh). You are very wise about who you are and desire to be. Thanks for this post!


Anonymous said...

I pray nothing ever happens to your husband. It scares me to know you would be completely and 100% helpless.

You are in my prayers. And I mean that with all sincerity.

Julieann said...

Melissa, I sometimes talk too fast too--:) Thank you for your Kind words.

Anonymous, thank you so much for your prayers--we can all use some extra prayers now and then:)


Anonymous said...


I LOVE your convictions and knowing who you are.

Great post and we all do indeed needs prayers :)

Swansong said...

Your cute! Thankfully with age comes wisdom and the ability to be comfortable with ones choices which is why one of your statements did not upset me. Hee-hee! I for one am not a girly girl. I am trying harder to keep my home "cleaner" and reading your blog daily helps inspire me. I am not "your" standard reader but I still enjoy you and your blog. I love being me- Blue-jeans and all. :)

Swansong said...

I should probably say your views on BFing are what I was mentioning. Nothing wrong with your views and I will not to make excuses for myself as (a) I have been there and tried on both children- and(b) I don't have to. :)~

What burns my tushy about BF'ing is when women refuse to even "try". They just go straight to formula for what ever stupid reason. (barring medical ones) I once saw on a baby board women who were going to FF because they were grossed out by a baby eating at the breast. That is discusting to me- not the baby but their thoughts on a baby eating and that breast are for a males pleasure only.

Julieann said...

Crystal, you are my friend!! If you knew my best friend, you would giggle--we are sooooooo different. I am so glad you come and read here and I enjoy your blog too. Anyway, I know your breastfeeding struggles, and this was not written at all geared towrds you--I mean that!! (((Hugs)))

The cell phone part, was just out of frusteration about almost getting hit again by a women talking on her phone and not paying attention while I had the green and she didin't--and this little girl I know at my daughter's school, is just struggling so, about her mother going back to work---when she does not have too--it is just hard sometimes to see this--we all need to realize that when we have children, we no longer come first!, kwim?

Thank for reading:)


Swansong said...

Oh I know you weren't talking about me- and even if you were I'm comfortable with my choices. ;)

So I am curious- Who takes out the garbage in your house? Oh wait dumb question I bet your son does.

Julieann said...

The garbage---well, I have learned to accept this--I do...LOL. We play a game in my home, how full can we get the trash before mom loses her mind...LOL. I usually go through the entire house and empty all the bathroom trash cans right before trash day, and empty out the fridge--and my husband takes out the trash when he sees it is full---I will ask my son to do it, if it is too heavy, with my arms the way they are (arthrites) I can't always lift the bag up into the can..aren't you glad you asked..LOL.


Mrs. U said...

Hi Julieann!!
I LOVED this entire post! I love being a lady, as well, and am SO very thankful I am not a man!!! What an encouraging post!!

And I really love when you said "I love having a cycle and being reminded of who I am." Sigh. I must admit, I have complained about this a bazillion times. THANK YOU for putting a new perspective in my mind!!! I had never thought of it this way before. Thank you SO very much!!

Mrs. U