Tuesday, June 03, 2008


This is my Laundry Nook. The doors are closed to hide the washer and the dryer.

This what it looks like when you open the doors--neat, huh:)

The washer and dryer are going right now as I type. Little Kevin is napping and Alexis is at the dentist this morning with her Father. Tony does not have school today--so he is home also. I want to add, thank goodness for our dental insurance---Alexis has inherited soft baby teeth--I am sure I have talked about it. Tony had a lot of work done on his baby teeth too--and now all his adult teeth are in, we put a sealant on his teeth and have not had any problems with his adult teeth, they are perfect! Little Kevin goes for a cleaning on Friday and the dentist is going to make sure his teeth are doing well before we have problems. Alexis's bill this time is 1,500--OUCH--but our insurance covered most of it, but 174.00 Whew! Now on to my laundry--I have all the piles sorted, and I am going to take this day to get as much of it done that I can---over the weekend, we had two birthdays (I have pictures), Church, shopping and other fun stuff--so I am behind on my laundry----I love these days, where I can totally focus on my laundry and Homekeeping. Yesterday mid way, I took Little Kevin to the park so he could RUN---boy can he go ..and also so he could play with other children--he says *HI* to everyone--it is soo cute...LOL. I wore him out :) I was also in charge of snack at the Girl Scout meeting. Busy day yesterday--and I sure enjoyed taking breaks in between all that and going to your blogs--I just loved all the blogs I was at yesterday--So many of us our so like minded, I love that!!

My Piles:
Baby Clothes
Kitchen Towels
(Some Delicates get put in with the baby's)

A little off topic--but if I get pregnant this month, do you know the due date would fall on my Husband's birthday--how cool is that? We shall see:)

Beef Roast
Mashed Potatoes and Homemade Gravy
Corn on the Cobb
Fresh Green Salad
Homemade Rolls!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun day. I didn't know you were wanting another baby. That is very kool.

Swansong said...

My itty is now the jolly green giant already at 4 weeks. LOL Your too cute with how your such a homemaker. I shive the clothes in a basket and dump basket into washer. No sorting unless it is new/red since I did turn a batch of Aaron's clothing pink years ago. LOL

Sharon said...

Wow.....what a big dental bill, I am really glad that you do have the insurance, that really saved you some money! I like your laundry nook, and of course, it is all nice and neat!

xox Sharon

Ronda said...

Hi, Ronda here-
(from A peachy Keen Life-
Frist let me say Praise God for Insurance.! I think it would be absolutely wonderful to be able to give birth on the same day as your hubby's birthday. I pray it all works out for you both.

Love & Prayers,