Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Decorations!

My Grandmother made this Noel --- My tree---okay here is the story on my tree--every year we get a live tree--my husband usually picks the biggest tree he can find--and he spends a pretty penny on it too--well, I went shopping and found this sweet tree--it is fake and it was 30.00 on sale for 19.99--woohooo-----on the box it says it is a 6 foot tree--I am going to have my son take my picture next to it---I bet I will look tall--I am only five feet.

..and the best thing--my husband thought, I did good:)


Lori said...

Your tree looks beautiful.
In the evenings I just love to sit down and look at our tree all lit up.
Great job on finding the tree on sale. I also love to find things on sale I've purchased lots of Christmas things at clearanced out holiday sales.

Anonymous said...

I love your tree. I have one quite similar I found last year at 1/2 off for only $15. Mine is about 6 feet I think.

ps. my blog has a new address, I changed the name.

Jenn said...

We've got a fake one this year, too. My grandparents gave it to me, looks great! It's a 6 footer also. And prelit. Quite convenient..hehe!! It's always nice when dh thinks you've done well. ;-)

Love your music~

Paula said...

It looks just lovely!!! We get a live tree every year--just love that pine smell!!


TO BECOME said...

I think you did good also. It always us feel so good when our husbands are pleased with what we have done. That is a big blessing. I want to see the picture your Mom takes of you and the tree. Have a good day. connie from Texas

Myrna said...

Your tree is lovely. I used to think we had to have a real tree--Until we went artificial. It is so much easier--and cleaner! I still love real tress, but I'll probably never do one again.

You have some yummy meals planned!