Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Wednesday seems to be my busiest day of the week. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I did not get too much done around the home. It was Alexis's birthday so we did a lot for her. Today I am staying put and doing my laundry, making Dinner Rolls, Doing all sorts of things in my kitchen. I am going to also try Deniece's recipe for making cream cheese, wish me luck on that. I make homemade Bagels, so this hopefully will be just perfect, if mine looks as good as DeNiece's. I have eggs boiling on my stove top, I also made lemonade and put some in the freezer in my Popsicle holders. That is pretty much what is going on around here. Last night I made fried pork chunks with cabbage and a beautiful green salad. Tonight will be baked chicken with all the fixings. Happy Wednesday to you!


Swansong said...

Ohh dinner rolls next maybe! LOL I made home made hamburger buns yesterday that I am so very proud of! I didn't get to show them off though as one of our dogs got out and bolted from people behind us fooling with fireworks. He was gone all night. He is home same now though YEAH! off to blog so you can see my pictures!

Swansong said...

Soooooo I just realized something... Check out the recipe I used for the hamburger buns. And keep in mind 3 tsp of yeast is one tablespoon. HAHAHA

Swansong said...

I only know the 2t equals 1T because I can never keep track of all of my measuring spoons. I make pizza crust by hand (well kitchen aid) at least once a week and I have bulk yeast in freezer. I made DH google one day home many t in a T as that was the only spoon I could find haha So I wrote it on the outside of the yeast zippie for future reference. Right now I have granola bars in the oven. Hopefully they turn out.