Friday, July 31, 2009


Hi everyone! I didn't post about it last week, but my husband was out of town ALL week on business. So I didn't post any dinner menus because they were quite simple, kid friendly dinners. This week now that he is home, I am making my dinners again that he loves. One night I made this Hamburger and mushroom gravy dish with egg noodles and spinach. This what it looks before the gravy--the hamburgers and noodles have melted cheese and bacon
This is the dish smothered in gravy:)

Last night we had baked chicken and mashed potatoes and peas. Tonight I used up the rest of the chicken and made a chicken casserole--This is what it looks like all ready to go in the oven later tonight for dinner. I will serve a steamed veggie and a salad:) I made macaroni noodles and made a cheese sauce, then I sauteed onions and added the chicken, I sprinkled the shredded cheese I had left, but I know I will add more shredded cheese on top of it tonight~~My husband loves cheese. I can get a big block of cheese at Albertson's for $7.49

He is all smiles when he sees the camera--he calls my camera CHEESE--Becuase I always say to him, say cheese...LOL

My littel dog, axel, he turns 5 in August

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday:)


Ann said...

Just wondering if you got the recipe I emailed you a couple of weeks ago. I don't always trust my e-mail so wanted to check.

Julieann said...

Oh my gosh yes, Ann, I am sorry I didn't respond back sooner. I was making bread yesterday and your recipe popped in my head--I am definately going to try it and post all about it:) The picture of the recipes came out perfect, thank you so much for taking the time to scan it and send it too me:) Very much appreciated. :)


Christina said...

ohhh...I love your plates Julieann!So pretty--where did you get them?

Oh and the food looks good too. :)

Have a nice weekend. I'm sure you will now that you're sweetheart is back home with you.


DeNiece Barnes said...

JulieAnn I sent the package off today so let me know when you get it, I hope you are surprise and I hope the kids like what I put in for them, I will not post the pictures of it on my blog because I don't want you to see whats in it before you get it lol, I want you to be surprise, hope you and your family enjoy, may God bless......

Charree said...

Dinner looks delicious and I really like the picture of little Kevin.

Hope your weekend is blessed!