Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday Chit Chat!

Do you remember awhile back when I told you I had to put the chairs to my dining room table in the garage, because Kevin kept pulling them out and climbing on them and then standing on the table---that scared me, so we removed the chairs so he would be safe. Well, my table was also bare because he would pull everything off of it. So I would have to set it right before dinner. It always bothered me how bare it looked. So yesterday, I am trying to decorate it again. So far so good. Kevin pulled off a napkin and I told him, No, No No. I hope we can soon put the chairs back so it looks normal again...LOL. People will come over and say where are all the chairs...LOL. I love the green, and I thought the pretty jar of potpouri looked lovely in the center. I also, have a basket with paper napkins. After I decorated, I sprayed the house with apple and cinnamon spray, and for a brief moment it brought me back to Christmas. I can't wait to put Fred out again and buy pumpkins. If my husband is reading this I know he is saying NOOOOOOOOOO, it is too soon for the Holidays....LOL.

My Little Boy! He is drinking an apple juice box. beautiful girl, the kids just finished breakfast when I took this picture. Kevin had eggs and toast and Alexis had french toast. Tony usually never wakes up this early so his breakfast is later, but right now he is in Washington, he will be back in about 2 weeks. He goes there for a few weeks every summer.. ...and my dear husband is already at work.

In the picture above, I think you can see my vacuum. I vacuum the floor in preparation of mopping it. Then I am going to take everything out of the fridge and clean it. The people next door are painting their home, so they have been in my yard every day this week to reach their side wall~~~~ they have ladders and buckets and paint and all this stuff that is just not safe for my son. So soon they will be done so we can fill the pool and run and play. I think I may take them to the park, Kevin loves to swing!

Dinner tonight will be chicken and rice, with some green beans and a salad.

it has been a mild summer so far, I just wish it would rain more here in Cali:)

Happy Thursday.


Anonymous said...

HI Juliann I love that shade of the green placements on your table.
Very pretty!
Pamela in NE OH

Pear tree cottage! said...

Hello Juliann well it has been a long time since I came visiting but am so pleased to have a look at your lovely blog today. Our daughter has the same problem and her chairs are in the spare room with door shut!! good wishes to you. Lee-ann

Christina said...

Just stopped by to say hello...your table looks so pretty. I love the green placemats too. Have a great weekend Julieann!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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