Thursday, July 02, 2009

Homemade Cream Cheese

I Did it!!!

Even though my sourdough starter did not work, my cream cheese came out fabulous!! I will definitely be making this for my bagels. Look at how good it came out.

Here is the cream cheese on my homemade bagels. My daughter ate this for breakfast

This is the yogurt I used. I just got a glass bowl, put a colander that fit over it, and put a cheese cloth in that colander, I poured half the container of yogurt into the cheese cloth, set it in my refrigerator with a plate over the top , and then this morning I got this wonderful cream cheese:)

Some of you may wonder, why I want to do something like this, when it is so much easier to just buy the cream cheese at the store. Well, for me it is just so much fun to be able to make things like this, kind of like an accomplishment of sorts.

I am not giving up on my sourdough starter, I have started a new batch, I am going to do this...LOL


Mari said...

I have never heard of making your own cream cheese - very interesting!

Anonymous said...

That Cream Cheese on that bagel looks so good as if I
could actually take a bite of it theough my laptop screen!

Pamela in NE OH

Patty said...

Awesome! Way to go! I've made my own yogurt a couple times and then make my own cream cheese from that. It's so fulfilling knowing I made it. Makes it taste better lol. I had the same luck with sourdough starter, but I started over. I really want to get it to work.

Anonymous said...

Okay now I have to try that. Tomorrow I am getting that yogurt and trying it. I love making homemade bagels so this will be fun.
Did you add anything? any flavors like onion or anything?

Elizabeth said...

I like cream cheese and need it for a lot of the recipies I make. I'm gonna have to try this!

I don't really care for music on blogs, but I was smiling from ear to ear when I heard the theme song for Little House on the Prairie! I loved to watch that show as a little girl and now enjoy it w/my girls. They just don't make tv shows liek they used to.

The Cottage Nester said...

Oh the cream cheese looks deelish! Is'nt it exciting when you create something like this!

I am going to do this using some of my homemade yogurt that I made last week...I need to use it before it goes bad and I will be making some more this week.

I posted my yogurt on my blog...oweee was I excited when I woke up to homemade yogurt! We had yogurt like everyday for a few days!

God Bless!

-Mrs.Monise (The Cottage Nester)