Wednesday, July 22, 2009


When you receive a gift do you call or send a thank you card, or both, or nothing at all?


Mari said...

Depends on who is giving it or what the gift is. I always at least call, but often send a thank you too.

Kalee said...

Generally if it is our parents we will call, since they prefer hearing from us rather than getting a thank you note. But for anyone else, even a small token, I like to send a thank you note. Gratitude is something everyone appreciates, and who doesn't like to get a letter in the mail? :)

Anonymous said...

I always send a Thank you card no matter what. sometimes depending on what kind of gift like flowers? I will give a call also. It all depends, but def a card :)

~Bren~ said...

One or the other, for sure. Always acknowledge a gift in some way. If the person is older I always send a note or thank you card. If they are younger, sometimes a call and sometimes a note or card. If it is a blogger I always show it on my blog and do a public thank you and then send a private e-mail.

Marie said...

If the gift is from a close relative, I will always call and send a thank you note. If the gift is from someone not so close, I just send a thank you note. This goes for my son and husband, too, although I am the one doing the calling and writing.

Anonymous said...

I usually send a thank-you. If it's my mom or sister (both out of town) I will call too. Likewise, I always have my children write thank-yous. Never too early to learn gratitude.
You're cracking me up with the days before Christmas. Getting everybody shoed, supplied and uniformed for school is about enough to put me out for a while! I used to want a huge family, but see that three kiddos is just right for us, especially in this economy. Anyway, the important thing is to remember to express gratitude, it doesn't really matter how. (My mom will leave a pretty thank-you on her fridge for a few days before pitching it)
Little Kevin's haircut is handsome. :0
Take extra good care,

Charree said...

I usually try to send a written note.

Hope your day is blessed!

karylsquilts said...

Always AALWAYS send a thank you card ! This is a peeve of mine !

I dont care if its socks to the grandkids, school supplies, wedding gift,,, just cuz i thought of you gift,, extra veggies from the garden. It all gets a thank you, People are lax in this simple courtesy.

Im trying my darndest with a new step son,, they dont call to say the box even arrived.. So I started tucking a thank you card in with it !,, didn't work.

We were taught this in 3rd grade, and its still very valid.. within 2 weeks of a gift send a simple::

I like the ___, becuase______ thank you again,,, your name.

a nice habit to have ~K