Tuesday, July 07, 2009


A favorite in our home is Grits, Cheesy Grits with butter and a little salt and pepper. When we lived in Georgia, Grits was served in many restaurants, especially Cracker Barrel, have you ever been to Cracker Barrel? Loved that restaurant. There aren't any Cracker Barrel's her in California, and there aren't any Waffle Houses either~~~and Chic Fillet, I think there is one, but it is very far away. I remember at the Grocery store in Georgia, like Kroger or Publix the shelves would have a variety of Grits, here in California at Albertson's and Ralph they have maybe one box all the way on the top shelves, sometimes there are two. I always manage to find that box and my family just loves having Grits for or with there breakfast. We mix in Butter and Cheese and some salt and pepper:)

....and don't get me started on Pepper Sauce for the Greens, I have to make my own. We did bring a bottle home with us one time when we were in Georgia...LOL. Oh and one more thing, (maybe two more things)Avocados are served in every restaurant here in California, I don't remember Avocados being very popular in Georgia, even though, they always had them at the store. Okra, can't always find that here either. In the freezer, but my husband loves the fresh. ....and when I buy greens the cashier will ask, what are these again....I always say Collard greens, turnip greens. They don't sell too much of that here, but we buy it up! I love both Georgia and California very much, they are both very different but both wonderful in their own way.

P.S. What do you call that metal thing you put your groceries in?

I call it a grocery cart and my husband calls it a buggy:))


Michele said...

Oh we love grits too! My family is from the south as is my husband's. So any time there is a big breakfast it always has to include grits. Once, as a teenager, I was on a road trip with my parents to Canada and we stopped at a restaurant in Montana for breakfast and my dad ordered grits and the waitress said "What's a grit?" We laughed so hard! Although dad explained what grits are to the waitress, unfortunately they didn't have any to serve us :0)

Ann said...

Over the years with our moves to various states and countries because of the Army, I've always found it interesting what I could and could not find in each place. Grits was one of the things we sometimes had to do without especially when we were overseas.

And I call it a shopping cart.

Anonymous said...

I have never had Grits Julieann, I will have to try some. We have a Crackerbarrel near us.
We call our metal thing a Shopping Carriage here in Ct. Or a shopping Cart but mostly carriage. I have never heard of buggy, thats cute

Mrs. G said...

Hi Julieann. Thanks for coming by my blog. I am sort of a southern belle wanna be living in Michigan. Grits are a favorite of mine too but my Italian husband is not too fond of them so we don't have them much. Maybe I'll make up a batch tomorrow for myself at lunch time.
I call it a grocery cart;) Very nice to meet you.

Julieann said...

Mrs. G, you have a lovely blog and I have been there a few times. With little ones under foot, I can't always comment:)....as for being Italian, I can relate, I am an Italian girl, and my husband is not to fond of pasta...LOL.

Thank you for coming by.


Swansong said...

grocery cart

I have everything you mentioned here in FL except Kroger. I am not sure about the pepper sauce your taking about though. Avacodo;s are not served much here either but are in stores. I just bought one tonight LOL

I was so addicted to grits after Ben was born as it was one of the first "solid's" I could get down after the section. I like to add sugar and butter though LOL

Mrs. U said...

HAHA! Julieann, I LOVE this post!! You know that I'm a Georgia girl and BOY do we love our grits here!! Our favorite way is with Garlic Cheese Grits!! MMMMMM!!!!! I cook grits according to the box and then stir in garlic (fresh or garlic powder) and then slices of American Cheese. SUPER YUM!!

Oh, and Mr. U always says "buggy". Half the time I say "buggy" and the other half I'll say "cart". HAHA!!

Mrs. U

Mrs. U said...

Oh, also, I would be more than happy to mail some to you if you'd like!!

Mrs. U

A Joyful Chaos said...

The grits look very yummy! We call it a shopping cart.

Anonymous said...

A grocery cart. In WV we cooked mush.
Pamela in OH

Catherine said...

We love grits where I live. It's pretty much a staple breakfast item in everyone's kitchen. :)
I usually prepare mine nice and creamy and season with salt & black pepper. Sometimes I add cheese to make cheesy grits...my kids love that.
We call it a trolley. :)