Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My girlfriend gave me this book all about salads and all the different kind of salads you can make. I LOVE IT!!! I told my husband to go through and tell me which salads look good to him.

It has a list of the kinds of lettuce and on another page it lists all kinds of oils, and so much more. Does anyone have this book? It is awesome.

Then I have two Household books that I just love. Even though it is so easy to just go on the Internet and look up anything, I still love to look through these books and read. They are both by Better Home and Gardens. Do you have have either of these two books?

Last but not least one of my ALL time favorite cookbooks; Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook. If you have read my blog for awhile you know I tend to mention this book a lot:) I got it over 15 years ago from Finger Hut:) Love it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Juliann!
We have Cracker Barrel here in MN, and I enjoy it too. One of my faves is the hashbrown casserole.
The salad cookbook looks amazing. I'm always up for new ideas like that. I am one of those people who likes to write with a pen and hold the book in my hand instead of doing every facet of life at the keyboard. (I know, I'm showing my age..!)
Last weekend for the Fourth, I made Paula Dean's corn salad. It is always a favorite...everyone likes it, young and old. It goes together really easily too.
I used leftover corn cut from the cob. Let me know if you would like to try it, if you don't already make it. I can send the exact recipe.
Take extra good care,

Lisa said...

Hi Julieann,
I stopped over to your blog from DeNiece's. I had to laugh about the Mayberry Cookbook...we're big Andy Griffith fans. Wrote a blog post about it a week or so ago. One of my dd's in particular wanted to take out something about Andy Griffith from the library and lo and behold, the Mayberry Cookbook was the only thing they had. Love it! It's on our definite purchase list!

Catherine said...

I have that Aunt Bee's cookbook too!
I also have the Aunt Bee's Delightful Desserts cookbook. They are both awesome.