Monday, July 20, 2009


Happy Monday
One thing about me is I am pretty much a low maintenance lady, I don't wear a lot of makeup, my hair is simple, I don't color it. I just keep it long, clean and in a hair clip. I do occasionally curl it:) BUT, the one thing I just love is to have my nails neatly done into a French Manicure, and my husband knows this is just something I adore, so he makes sure he makes time for me to be able to go. It is not always easy to get to the Salon with little ones. I also promised Alexis I would take her the next time I went, so this weekend, we both went and got our nails done. I so enjoy being a girl and everything that it entails..:)I am not sure you can see, but she picked a dark color and the manicurist painted little flowers on her nails, they really are cute.

What is something you do for yourself as a treat?

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Mari said...

This is what I do for a treat too! You nails look wonderful!