Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wednesday Chatter!

I can not believe it is Wednesday already--these days are just flying by. Alexis is going to her first ballet class of the year--so this is pretty exciting--last year she went to a different dance school---this year she is joining her cousin Emma at their school--so this should be a lot of fun.

Little Kevin had his *Well Baby* checkup on Monday--and I got his epi pen Jr for him---Also, his ped gave me a referral to a different dentist. He wants me to get a second opinion and plus he did not like all the things the dentist had said---so I will be getting a second opinion for his teeth. Little Kevin is 23 pounds and perfect:) The Doctor said he is such a pretty boy...LOL---He is a pretty boy!

Tony applied for a job and he is patiently waiting for a call back--he had his first interview so I am so hoping he can get this part time job--it will add a bunch of credits to his schooling too.

My Tivo in my bedroom had broke---I was a bit upset--I had all the Duggar shows and all the Kids by the Dozen recorded on that---but the Tivo was getting pretty old. Anyway, I told my husband that I did not need another one--so yesterday, in the mail a new Tivo arrived--okay I admit it--I was happy--and it is nice to record a show and watch when I can---

Last night I made Hot Sauce Chicken, Steamed Green Beans, Fried Potatoes and a Salad. Tonight I am going to make Spaghetti and Meatballs and add the leftover chicken--Salad---and I am going to pick up some mayonnaise to make fresh Ranch Dressing. I still have not dedicated enough time to my laundry and even though I did a couple loads, there is still quite a bit to do--so tomorrow, I am dedicating it to my laundry.

On the WEATHER----> IT IS HOT---it is not a summer HOT, but a weird Hot----Not Santa Ana Hot--but kind of a humid hot, maybe--well, it is fall--I want it COOL...LOL.

My Grandmother had been over the mountain for a few weeks with my Dad--so hopefully I will be able to get over there to see her, now that she is back home--She is 89, and when I do visit I also have to make sure none of us have any colds or coughs-- etc
Happy Wednesday!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thats good the you are getting a second opinion. The things that dentist said were harsh. You still haven't seen my "George" yet. My grandma just turned 90, I wish I could see her more than once a year. Have fun with Alexis this evening

Mrs.Ruiz said...

I found you, LOL, now I feel silly for pestering you. Im still sleeping with his shirt:) Have a good day

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

I'm waiting for the cooler weather, too! Yesterday and today, my patio thermometer read 92 degrees! I bet your ocean breezes are nice.

Anonymous said...

Sorry your weather is hot Julieanne.

Its been a bit muggy here in Southern RI. But cooler at night, word is the cooler night temps of 50's are about to show up.

I LOVE fall! Apple pie, baked applese, apple cider, long walks as you rustle through the leaves, the gorgeous changing of the leaves. YIPPEEE

I'm glad you are getting a 2nd opinion I didn't like his first dentist!

YEAH for your new TIVO.

We don't have cable, haven't for 12 years now. How weird does that sound? :)

Jenn said...

Wow you've been busy ;-)

I'm glad you dumped that dentist.

I hope you get to see your grandma soon, that is a precious time...hope everyone stays well! =)