Thursday, October 23, 2008


Good morning/afternoon/evening!! I hope everyone who stops by has a wonderful day. I posted that picture up top because I thought it looked so nice and fallish.

Some Updates:

1. Kevin's Dentist appointment went extremely well--very happy. He does have some decays in the front, but she never once made me feel that it was because of breastfeeding. She was a really pretty doctor--and the thing is, she was as pretty in the inside as she was on the outside. Have you ever met someone that was absolutely beautiful, but they had such a bad attitude it just made them seem not very attractive? I am swerving off topic---Kevin is scheduled next Thursday for the work to be done---he is not the 25 pounds yet to be put under, which I am extremely uncomfortable about doing anyway--so he will be papoosed--I am not thrilled with this either--but his teeth need to be fixed before they cause him pain or abscess--looking at his teeth you would never know they had cavities--because they look so pretty. Anyway---I just want to put my 2 cents in about cavities---I don't care what your oral hygiene is---I think people are more prone to cavities then others----of course good oral hygiene is awesome--but I have great oral hygiene and look at what happened---My grandfather took very good care of his teeth and had to have them all out at a very young age--my father has perfect teeth--never a cavity--my mother had terrible luck with her teeth. I feel so bad for people who do not have dental insurance--because even with my insurance it is costing a pretty penny.

2. Christmas shopping: We are done----with the exception of some stocking stuffers--we are done!

3. Computer---Kevin bought me a new one yesterday--he came home with it as a surprise---it is so pretty! It runs so nice---Kevin is going to fix my old computer and let Alexis have it.

4. House cleaning day--YES!! Today---I am cleaning house. Yesterday was dentist day, so I did not get any house work done---Tuesday was a lot of running around/errand day so cleaning did not get done that day. Monday was the day my computer crashed so I was completely out of whack.

5. I need some help--How do you organize your Tupperware?---mine is a complete mess---I keep them in the lower cabinet and it was semi organized, until Little Kevin pulled everything out--he has now lost interest in that cabinet--but now I am at a loss at how to organize it---any ideas? How do you organize yours?

6. This is my vent of the day---People driving! Why do they drive right on your bumper--do they think they are going to intimidate me to go faster? Not me--it makes me go slower--YEP! Going down the street is a 35 mile zone--and then when it gets closer to the school it is 25---it amazes me how people are right on my bumper--and then actually turn into the school--shame on them. I am one of those people that actually follow the rules of the rode---you know, both hands on the wheel, no phone, speed limit, etc--I am the person that always gets passed by all the other cars because they have to be first. Whew--That felt good to type out!

7. Freeway--here in Cali we call it the freeway--I remember in Chicago it was called the Expressway and in Georgia, I think I recall it being called the highway--what do you call it?

8. Epi Pen--I have the epi pen---but it is a bit intimidating--I have it with me at all times--you just never know---Peanuts are everywhere--especially at the grocery store---in the aisle to check out, all the candy seems to have peanuts and little Kevin just wants to grab them--I feel so bad for him--I am hoping he grows out of it. I am also going to talk to my doctor about alternatives, like can he have Almond butter? Walnuts--etc.

....and last but not least--My Mother---her birthday was Saturday--oh, how I miss her--did I ever tell you her name was Melody--isn't that a pretty name:)

You all have a most wonderful Thursday--and while Kevin is napping I am going to visit some blogs--and if I don't get to you now--I will in between cleaning and before bed---see you soon!!


Jenn said...

Hey Julieanne,
Thanks for stopping by!!! I think you are right about the teeth. My poor mom had to have all hers pulled as a young bride. She had a lot of cavities and the dentist didn't do a good job fixing them. If they are not properly cleaned/drilled before filling look out at the problems it causes. Poor thing. I can't imagine how that was for her, especially as a newly married young lady.

I'm glad you found someone who is better equipped to take care of little Kevin's teeth. I hope it goes as smoothly as possible for the little guy.

We call them highways here in New Englad.

Peanut allergies are so scary. How did you know he's allergic? Did an incident happen? I must have missed that, but it's good to know you've got the antidote!!

Happy Birthday to your momma! I've always thought Melody is such a pretty name. I've only known a couple people that have had that name.

By the way, the opening picture up there is SO pretty....I hope you are enjoying the cozy season of Fall and talk to you soon~


Shelly said...

Hiya Jules!
Love the picture! Totally inviting. Happy Belated Birthday to your mom...I know how much you miss her but remember, she is ALWAYS with you and no longer in pain. I do LOVE the name Melody-would you consider it if you have another little girl? You should!
Her in Jersey, with our crazy blue laws and no pumping your own gas allowed (I know you find that so fascinating!) we have highways and the parkway. George Carlin used to joke why do we say we park in the driveway but we drive on the parkway? He was such a funny guy.

I am glad you got your second opinion on little KEvins teeth and that you found such a wonderful person to take care of him (and you Mommy!)

I have an epi pen and try not to think of it as intimidating and simply think of it as being empowered and prepared. That makes it easier. Also, I wouldn't mess with any nut anything! My daughters best friend breaks into hives just using "almond" based soaps. It is the oil and it isn't merely peanuts-it is all nuts, kwim?

Have a wonderful day sweetie! Hope to talk to you soon.


I agree, about the teeth, I think it is mostly in the genes. Growing up, I never knew what a toothbrush and toothpaste was.So until I was in the llth grade there was no teeth brushing. After that it was just soda, salt and my finger. I didn't go to the dentist til I was 50 years old. No cavities. I just thought because of all that I had heard about going to the dentist that I should go and have them cleaned. I am 65 now and still no cavities. I did have them cleaned again and before they did the x-rays they begin telling me that because I had not been to the dentist in so long that I probably would not be able to save my teeth,(they looked fine). After x-rays they were amazed!!! They wanted to know how my teeth were so strong. I just said, "genes, I guess."

Well, I've got to go, I have a lot to do today also. Have a good day and gets lots done. I am so happy about your getting a new computer. connie

Julieann said...


Tracy said...

I totally agree about dental hygiene. Some people are born with "soft" teeth, and they decay easily no matter what.

Charree said...

Hey Julieann!

I agree with you about the different people have different type of teeth. There are all different types of teeth in my family and so far mine have been good (hopefully they will continue so).

In regards to organizing tupperware, I have the ones that all have the same lids. I just the different size containers in a stack and the lids in a big stack.

In Florida it was called a highway. In Texas they have a Loop.

I think your mother had a beautiful name. You don't her that name often.

I am really glad you got a new computer. Have a blessed day!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Im happy your second dental experience was much nicer than your first. Poor baby Kevin, papoosing is scary:( I'm from california so I still call the roads freeways even up here in Oregon. We have I-5 running through so thats the main interstate. As for tupperware. I dont use my dishwasher for dishes I store tupperware in it. Sorry I dont have better advice. I posted some more pictures on my post. Im starting to remember to take pictures more often. PS. Melody is a sweet, soft name, I like it:))))

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry Kevin has to have dental work done! Praying that all goes well for him. I have a niece that has had lots of baby teeth problems and had to have some of them pulled due to cavities.

In Georgia some people call it the highway and others call it the interstate. :)

I like coming to your blog (when I can) :) because you always seem so upbeat and cheerful even when you're upset about those pushy drivers. :D They make me go slower too.

Happy @ Home said...

I'm glad to hear you are a safe driver especially around schools. We need more like you. I get tired of people who drive right up on your bumper. Very dangerous if you had to come to a sudden stop.

In Michigan we called them expressways and here in N. Carolina they seem to call them the interstate.


Ann said...

I'm glad you found a much nicer dentist for Little Kevin. Lots of prayers for him and you to when he has the work done.

In Indiana and Kentucky, we call it an interstate.

I love the name Melody. It is a beautiful name.

Elizabeth said...

Glad to hear the second dentist was nicer. I do think some people just have stronger teeth than others do, and I sometimes think it's the prettiest teeth that get the most cavities.

Melody is a beautiful name. What a wonderful name to remember you Mother by.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. About the Tupperware -- let me know if you find a way to organize it so that it stays organized! I periodically neaten mine up, but keeping it that way is a problem. I think I just need to be more disciplined about how I put it away.

Lori said...

I love that picture.

I'm glad things went better for you at the second dental appmnt.
Hope all goes well when he gets the fillings done.

How awesome to be done Christmas shopping already. If we had another weekend out of town shopping. We would pretty much be done too.

Around here we call them highways and interstates.

How do I organize my tupperware.
Well let me tell ya....I sell Tupperware. (hehe) So how do I organize my tupperware. I try to stack all my bowls nicely and put the lids all together too. Same thing with the other containers.
Tupperware has a place for seals...that works nicely for storing your lids.
Let me know if you ever need anything. It can be shipped directly to your home.
You can also use a bigger container to stack all you lids in they aren't falling all over the place.

I had a daycare boy here for awhile that had a terrible servere peanut allergy. He had an epi pin. I never had to use it.
He couldn't even touch peanut butter that was on the counter or he would break out.
It truly opened my eyes. When you have a peanut allergy wowzers there are lots of things that you can't eat. Not only just nuts, peanuts, candy with any peanuts in it, peanut butter.
But it also included anything cooked in peanut oil. He could only eat certain kind of chicken nuggets. Couldn't eat ramen noodles etc etc.
She had a list of all the things he could eat. So I just stuck to that list.

You have a wonderful weekend!!!

Hugs, Lori

Lori said...

Forgot to mention...glad you got your cleaning done. I'm always glad when my house is clean...then we can enjoy doing other things together on the weekend.
I did my cleaning and errand running today. I did my baking on Monday.

How awesome that you got a new computer. Enjoy!!

Also, I'm so sorry about your mother. That makes me sad.
I agree Melodye is a very pretty name.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got a 2nd and BETTER opinion on Little Kevin's teeth. Sorry he has to be papoosed.

YEAH on your new computer, I need one badly too. soon I hope!

I don't have tupperware and don't store anything in plastic anymore. I use canning jars for most things, so I can't help you there.

We have the pnut allergy here, epi pen too. I don't let her have ANYTHING nut related and won't even consider trying till she is at least 10. If even then.

I love a clean house.. then you can sit back and enjoy it.

Happy Belated Birthday to your dear mom. My mom's is December 1st. It's always a kind of sad time as I still miss her so much too. She passed away 13 years ago. I sure could use her advice on a lot of things.

Have a great Friday

One Christian Mom said...

As for tupperware, DON'T organize it. As soon as you do, your precious one will get right back into it again! LOL I leave mine alone for the longest time. Then I go in and organize it, and sure enough, the very next day, one of my kiddo's get right back into it again.

Teeth are genetic, I am sure of it! It doesn't matter how hard, how often, how perfectly you care for your teeth, if you have a pre-disposition for bad teeth, you are going to have problems. Oh, well.

Here we call it the parkway, or the highway depending on if it's a route or an interstate.

I enjoy reading your blog, I see many others do too!
Shellie :-)

It's Always Something Around Here said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now...but haven't commented before. I am glad you were able to find a dentist you were more comfortable with.

I organize my tupperware in a deep drawer with like sizes and shapes together. It works pretty well.