Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A Few Things! Wednesday.

A couple things---Last night, I watched the Duggar's new reality show on my Tivo----and I love it!!! What an exciting time the family is going through--their eldest son is engaged--and they are waiting to do their first kiss on their wedding day, how absolutely exciting. Did you see the part where the Dad was talking about how Michelle had many boyfriends----:::Giggles::: oh well--that would be me too:) Michelle also stated that they limit their TV--I am wondering what shows they watch? What an awesome family.

My chicken and dumplings last night came out awesome: I will type out the recipe soon--it was out of the Betty Crocker Cookbook--I could not find it online to copy and paste--so, sometime in the near future, I will type out the recipe I use.

As for the question I got earlier in my comments about how am I upbeat and so cheerful all the time--it is mind over matter. I can either choose to be sad and act like a stick in the mud---or I can be happy---Dr. Laura always says on her radio show--PRETEND YOU ARE HAPPY---and then after awhile, you are happy---IT WORKS!! Trust me, my life is not rainbows and roses everyday--My husband works very hard so we can have a nice life--but things are very expensive and sometimes financially we are hit hard---I have to budget very carefully and watch my nickel and dimes---and sometimes it can get depressing--but I look around me and see all we have--a beautiful home to live in--good food to eat, nice clothes, health insurance---and BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL CHILDREN---how can anyone stay upset for long. My husband once said to me when I was upset about the bills *Honey, don't I always provide? Don't I always make sure everything gets paid? * He said *TRUST ME* ...and that is what I have to do---I trust him and I just want to be happy--life is so much better when you are happy--and who wants to be around an unhappy person--quite depressing if you ask me.

What I did this morning---> I washed my car--it was dirty--now it is clean:)

Also, I made my little ghost lollipops--aren't they the cutest?

Everyone who stops by to reads my blog, bless your hearts---Please have a wonderful day--AND BE HAPPY FOR THIS VERY MOMENT!!!

Put your Spongebob Slippers on and have a fun day:)


Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Little Kevin is too cute wearing those Spongebob slippers! Can't help but smile!

deezie said...

Oh Julieann, how your blog makes me so happy. I adore how you love being home with your children and taking care of your family. Even if I am having a bad day your blog just lifts me up. Today is one of them, I am just so sad,tonight will be one year that I found my precious momma gone :( How I am crying today missing her. I just popped on to check to see if you added a new post and what do you know you did. And the Happy part was what I needed. I can choose to be sad or happy today right :) I can be happy knowing my momma is with Jesus now. Thanks Julieann, you have a happy day too. Love those SpongeBob slippers on your little

Shirla said...

I watched the Duggar's new show and thought it was really good. I wonder if they will show some of the wedding on the show. I went to the oldest son's website that he and his new wife have, they have a place for pictures of the wedding, but they are none there yet.

Having talked to you on the phone I can honestly say that your happiness comes through over the phone. I could hear the happiness in your voice.

Lori said...

Little Kevin is so cute in the spongebob slippers.

I so enjoy coming over to your blog.
You put a smile on my face everytime.

Hugs, Lori

P.S. I have finally, finally posted.
Come over to my site and check it out.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thanks for answering my question. I will keep what you said in mind next time I'm feeling down. My hubby says the same thing about bills being paid, "have we ever went without". Sound like our husbands are both good providers:) Reading your blogs brings cheer to womens lifes:) Thanks Julieann

Rebecca said...

I LOVE Little Kevin's outfit. :-) Who wouldn't smile at seeing that! Boy, is he getting big.

Love and hugs to you! I've been MIA a lot because life is so busy! A good kind of busy, but busy nonetheless!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

You dont owe me an apology. I look forward to your cheerfulness everyday. I want what you got (meaning your upbeat attitude):0 You were the first blog I started reading and through reading your posts I was inspired to put God back into my life and really take pride in my duty as a stay at home mom and wife. I thank you for that. ( I have tears in my eyes) what a cry baby huh? :)))

Anonymous said...

So true on you can choose to be happy or sad. I had a similar conversation with my son/23.

I too sometimes need an uplift and pop on over and you make me smile. And I also giggled at Little Kevin and those slippers! Too cute for words. Precious.

Have a great friday. I'm off to bed, but I just had to pop in and see how your day was :)

Charree said...

I just love the slippers. He looks like he was quite the busy little fellow. I like what you said about being happy. Often times we forget to be happy about the little, yet most important things.

Mrs. U said...

LOVE the slippers and LOVE the shirt!! ADORABLE!!!

Mrs. U