Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Chatter!

Farmers Market was yesterday---I went to Henry's and completely loaded up on fresh veggies and fruits. Here is a picture of some of the produce I had purchased--I thought they looked so nice sprawled out all over the counter--when my husband walked in the door from work, his eyes got real big and thought the kitchen had exploded...LOL. He rarely sees everything out--he usually comes home when everything is put away. I did not have much time to clean and chop and put everything in their proper containers--so between my cleaning and laundry today I will be doing my produce too.
Do you see those peppers--the red and green? I am going to make some stuffed peppers tonight for dinner--you know with the rice and ground beef? I have 2 questions for y'all---do you have any TnT recipe for this and what would you serve as a side dish with stuffed peppers?

Avocados were .77 cents--->lowest price I have ever seen them in a very long time.
...and look at that spaghetti squash--so pretty:)

Bird update: My little yellow bird has been so, so sad--I waited the time I was told to wait by the bird clinic, before I got a new friend---so yesterday I went to the pet store and picked out a new friend for Sunshine--lets just say---my little yellow bird is starting to perk back up. I will take pictures of the new bird--she is PURTY :o)

Happy Saturday you all--I was up pretty early this morning and I did my errands at 7:00 a.m. - I needed some swiffer pads and a few other things at Walmart that I will make a separate post about. (I go to Walmart as early as possible to avoid crowds)


Angelena said...

Your veggies look so good and fresh. I love going to the farmers market in the summer and loading up for the week. Our farmers market is fairly new and still very small, but I am hoping that next year it will be larger with more vendors.

Happy Saturday!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Im happy to hear that you bought a new birdie:) I usually just serve french bread with stuffed peppers.

Anonymous said...

YOur produce looks wonderful. WE do have a farmers market here, but it isn't very big and I really don't find much worth buying. I do buy things at a local farm from time to time though

Anonymous said...

Betty Crocker has an excellent recipe for stuffed peppers. I have been using it for years and it is a family favorite. We like mashed potatoes as a side dish with this.Hope you like it...

Julieann said...

Anonymous---I actually used the recipe from Betty Crocker Cookbook (Old Faithful):) It did come out excellent---Instead of mashed, I made fried potatoes--but I bet mashed would be yummy too:) Thank you everyone for your comments--Have a nice Saturday evening!!


deezie said...

Hi Julieann,
Those veggies look so so yummy, now I want to make stuffed peppers :)
I am like you, I go to Walmart as soon as I can, sometimes I am even there at 6am on a weekend when my hubby is home and I can leave the kids that early.
Hope the peppers came out great, can't wait to see the new bird

Anonymous said...

PLEASE please don't post another picture of your perfectly clean, perfectly organzied, perfectly sorted, perfectly chopped and basically just perfect refrigerator. I have not been able to feel the same about my homemaking skills after seeing the picture you posted of your refrigerator! I am SO totally unorganized in my fridge compared to you!!!! I have way too many "little bit of this sauce, little bit of that stuff" for it to look so cute and neat like yours. So for the love of all of your blog readers like me, NO pictures of your cute fridge this time!! LOL

Julieann said...

Anonymous--I promise no pictures of my fridge this week :)

How about I post a picture of my totally unorganized tupperware cabinet that I still can't figure out how to do. I think I will just stack conatiners into eachother and put all the lids in the biggest container??

P.S. I too, have little containers of this and that, that tend to stay longer in the fridge then necessary--I showed you my fridge on a good day--- :o)


Kelli said...

Look at all the beautiful fresh produce! You are going to be eating lots of yummy salads this week!