Monday, October 13, 2008



My Saturday did not go as planned...which sometimes is a good thing. My sister called and invited us out to dinner--which was very nice--so in turn I invited them over on Sunday and we had the pulled Pork. So lets just say I did not get all the things done I had planned--but that is okay---I have all week, right?

When I got home Saturday night from dinner--I immediately checked Michelle's blog--and she had passed away--it made me so very sad---of course death is always sad because we are selfish and want our loved ones here with us. Michelle I only knew from her writings, but she had an effect on my life as I am sure she did on all of yours that visited her--what an amazing woman who will be missed from people all over the world. What is that saying, it takes a second to make a friend, but a whole life time to forget them---She will never be forgotten--what a brave person she was.

It was cold this morning--COLD--54 degrees--I love it!

A little tidbit about me---I was born in a little suburb out side Chicago---and until my mother fell Ill--We lived in Oak Park, Illinois----My Grandparents before moving out to California, lived in Addison, Illinois---so when I see visits on my feedjit from those parts of the country it makes me smile. I was 17 the last time I visited Illinois--and through the eyes of a child everything seemed so big and when I was older it seemed so small. I remember my great grandmother every weekend, taking me on the L train into downtown Chicago and we would go to the Palmer House for Fish and Chips--and then one weekend she took me to see the movie Grease at the Theatres...LOL--I was 7. When I was 17 and went back to visit I went to see Oprah and was in the audience--the show was titled, *Why Women Can't Make It In A Mans World*--at the time I wanted to meet Oprah--I wasn't concerned about the topic--but can you believe the camera put the camera on my face several time during the show and each time I had such a dumbfounded look on my face---LOL.

Have a wonderful Monday!


deezie said...

Oh Julieann I am so sorry about Michelle I did read her blog when you posted it a while back and was so sad after reading it. God bless her family right now

Sharon said...

I'm sorry about the news about your friend Michelle. I am not sure I know who she is. Can you please list her blog site, I would like to know if I have met her before.

I hope you have a great day!

xox Sharon

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thats sad about Michelle, I started reading her posts when you mentioned it a while back. I never left a comment, I didnt know what to say to a woman who was already so full of wisdom. She touched many lives.

REAL ME said...

So sad about this lady. That is too funny about Oprah!

Opie said...

I've never left a comment before but i had to giggle after reading your chicago post..I live about 2 miles away from addison just to the west..and i've been to oak park numerous times..i do enjoy your blog..howdy from chicagoland :)

Julieann said...

Opie, thank you so much for leaving me a comment:) :::waiving to a Chicago sister::::::