Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Morning---Happy Monday!

I am so excited for a new week---I have so much I want to do and post about. I hope to share lots of pictures and lots of posts. I am going to get my new menu up--ASAP:)

Be back shortly---Have to get Alexis off to school:)
76° F 54° F
24° C 12° C

P.S. I am enjoying a cup of nice hot pumpkin spice coffee!!
:::Handing everyone a cup as they come by:::::::


Kristina said...

Mmmmmm...thanks for the coffee! It was delish! Enjoy your beautiful CA weather!

Anonymous said...

Thank you , that is my favorite coffee! Good morning .

We are getting ready to head out. I have been up since 4 am working. Finished at 8 am and am enjoying our morning.

Have a fabulous Monday!

Charree said...

Thanks for the coffee. Happy Monday to you as well.

Mrs.Ruiz said...

You make a great cup of coffee, I will be back tomorrow for another:)