Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Good Morning!

I was up bright and early---even before my coffee pot was set to go off. My coffee pot is set for 5:00--but Little Kevin had other ideas--He was up at about 4:45 ready to play!

Let me just say my coffee was so good this morning! I am having my last cup right now.

I want to share with you some things:

First, almost every year since Tony was born I have always made these two dishes for Halloween night---Pizza Masks and Veggie Chili!....and I also make this cake occasionally--Here is a picture of my first pumpkin cake ever--this picture dates bake about 16 years ago.

Cute cake , huh? Oh, I was so proud of this cake...LOL.

Here are the recipes for the Pizza Masks and the Chili too:
(Click on recipes to enlarge and read better)Chili:

I am simmering all day my spaghetti sauce with homemade meatballs---and I am adding the left over pork from last night to it too--it will be served over Rotini Pasta with homemade Dinner rolls--and a salad. I have been playing/busy a little bit, so my house needs some TLC--so if things go as planned I am going to try and get some things done--I have a new plan for my kitchen--in my organizing quest.


Ronda said...

You are so cute...then and now Julieann. I luv the cake and the pizzas.
Love & prayers,

deezie said...

Those pizza masks were adorable I think that will be our new tradition this year, great idea
I was up early too, I love getting up before everyone else does.
Happy Organizing, oh and love the cake, I want to make one of those too

Mrs.Ruiz said...

You look like you are only 15 in that picture. The cake is cute and the pizza's look yummy. Do you think that someday you can post your spaghetti sauce recipe?

Charree said...

The picture of you and the little pumpkin cake is too cute. The veggie chili sounds really nice. I will have to give it a try.

Mrs. U said...

Hi Julieann!!
You are up EARLY, aren't you? I just read on another blog where the lady gets up at 4:30 and know you up this early!! Good job! So much more can be accomplished when you rise early!! (I'm saying that knowing good and well that I need to work on this!!!)

Your special meal for the 31st sounds yummy! And I LOVE the picture of you from a "few" years ago! :)

Mrs. U