Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday's Post!

Happy Tuesday
On Sunday I made a whole chicken---so last night for dinner, I took the left over meat and made chicken enchiladas with the green sauce----this is the picture of them before they went into the oven--after they cooked for a bit I took them out and sprinkled more cheese over them. I served them with fresh avocados and sour cream with a nice green salad. I am going to take the chicken bones and boil them today for some really nice broth.

For those of you that have American Online, then you know they are closing down their webpages---so last night, I went through all my webpages (I have a lot) on AOL and I was taking off all the pictures so I don't lose them---I am thinking maybe Kevin can save the webpages on CD or something--I have lots of other web pages out there in cyber land that I don't want to lose--this was before I switched over to blogger. Here are some pictures I pulled off the webpages--->

Alexis and Tony in Christmas 2003

Chirstmas 2001

Tony in 2001---he woke up with this crazy hair--it seems like yesterday I took this picture:)

Alexis in 2001

Thank you for taking a look down memory lane with me---I have a ton more pictures that I will post periodically.

Tonight for dinner--I am going to make Pork (Cut into bites) with Mushrooms and Onions, and served with Noodles and I will also cook one of the fresh veggies to go along with it--the pork was at a great price this morning when I stopped at the market to pick up some more tomatoes and juice, I could not pass up the meat.

Today Alexis gets out of school at Noon, I am sooooo happy when they have early days. Thursday is Little Kevin's dental appointment. My husband is coming with me--and he is nervous--I am not nervous anymore, I know this is the right thing to do--and it needs to be done, to insure he is not in any pain or it abscesses or ruins his adult teeth. I have put it in God's hands and I know he will see me and Little Kevin through this. When I say my prayers I always say to God to please hold Kevin extra tight in your arms on Thursday--and Daddy too:)


deezie said...

Cute pictures Julieann:) I didn't know anything about AOL closing anything down. I have AOL too??? hmmm. anyway, I will say a prayer for your little one:)
oh and your meal looks great

Angelena said...

Little Kevin and Alexis look so much alike. you can really tell it in their baby pictures.

My boys got out of school today at noon also. Jake and Luke are outside working on their hunting stand while Levi is inside with me.

We had our first snowfall lastnight I posted pictures of it on my blog.

Have a great Tuesday!

Mrs.Ruiz said...

What is going on with AOL, thats who I have. Where can I read about this at?
Your children are so darling I will pray for you and baby kevin. I would love your recipe for the pork and noodles

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy!--Can I come over for supper? (o;

I made a whole chicken on Sunday too. I *love* making them, they're fool-proof and you get so much for the money.

Shirla said...

I love the pics, Julieann. :)

Do you know about the rumor that AOL is closing the message boards? Gail/fishiewoo has made a board off AOL for us at KF in case AOL does close the boards. If you want the link let me know and I'll email it to you.

Kelli said...

Such cute pictures, Julieann! I will be praying for the dental appointment on Thursday.

Nancy M. said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Your chicken dish looks so good!
What a pretty blog! Have a blessed and wonderful week.

Arlene Grimm said...

thanks for dropping by my blog Julieann! We are thrilled to welcome a new grandson. I enjoyed checking out your blog too.

Sondra said...

chicken enchiladas- that is one of the boys' favorites that I make. The one I make looks similar. What do you put inside with the chicken?