Saturday, March 29, 2008


I try and wake up before everyone else so I can shower and get dressed and get all that out of the way---because if I don't shower first thing then it sometimes never happens for me...
...and sometimes when it is cold outside, I would love so much to stay in my pajamas and sip hot coffee all day--but then of course that is the day someone unexpected comes to my door...

I have to shower everyday and shave----I never want my husband to think that just because we are married I have gotten comfortable and not care about myself. When I feel good, I do good and when I do good the house runs more smoothly and everyone is a lot happier. I once read somewhere that you should treat your home as if Jesus was coming over---well I am not sure my home will ever be that perfect, but it is clean and neat and it is a nice haven for my husband to come home too every day....and my children too of course.

I was listening to the radio and the person on the radio said, do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life--that is actually how I am feeling right now--I absolutely love what I am doing. My husband used to say "If Mama isn't happy, no one is happy" Well, I take that to heart and really try to be the best I can--and I am happy, I just try not to let things bring me down--I have noticed that when I am in a funk--I think of all the wonderful blessings in my life--but there are days when I am sad, when I think of my mother or my dear friend that are no longer here with us--and then I have to remember I will see them again.

I love getting out my Household Notebook and making lists and planning menus and printing off pretty poems and gentle reminders about how
to be the best wife and mother I can be.

My sweet husband has taken Alexis to the Birthday party and great big *Bounce House*--I turned my ankle the other day so I would not be too much fun---it has not stopped me from doing anything, but I am so gratful for bed time when I can put my foot up.

Tony came to me today and apologized for his actions this week--but he is still on restriction--he is mad, but I can't just waiver this for a simple sorry--I need to see actions with his words. I did tell him I appreciated the applogy.

Little Kevin is napping so I am going to go to the the Prairie Homemaker now and see what everyone is up to there--I love that website:)


Tracy said...

I love your outlook, Julieann! By the way, I shave EVERY day for my hubby, too. And we are going through similar things with our oldest son. While I appreciate an apology, it doesn't take away the punishment as they had hoped. Parenting is hard. Rewarding, but hard.

Anonymous said...

I love you positive attitude.
I shave everyday too and not for anyone but me. When I don't I feel dirty.

I do like to lazy around in my pj's on a rainy cold day. But 99% of the time I force myself to get both kiera and myself dressed as its just a more productive day for both of us.

Usually on a rainy day when I want to clean clean clean or organize the house I may not get dressed other than yoga pants and a top.

I do believe in do what you love. At the very least, love what you do. :)

Happy saturday.

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

What a wonderful attitude to have. I'm working hard on that. Us wives/mothers set the tone around the home. Have a great week!