Friday, March 28, 2008

On My Agenda:

I am so happy it is Friday! On my list of things to do this weekend--Salt Rising Bread---Have you ever heard of this? I was nursing the baby and watching my beloved Little House when Charles asked Caroline for some *Salt Rising Bread* of course my mind went into thinking mode, and as soon as I finished nursing I hopped on the computer and looked up salt rising bread--do you know how many recipes are out there for that bread? Do any of you have a TNT recipe, by chance---if not I will pick one and post all about it.

I went to Walmart this morning and bought orange oil for my hard wood floors downstairs--they seem to have lost their shine--so I am hoping this oil and a little elbow grease will make it shine again. I know I have posted about making my own febreeze, but when I was at Walmart I saw a odor eliminating spray by Arm and Hammer and it smells just like the febreeze and it was under 2.00---yippee...LOL--so I stripped my bed and sprayed the mattress---and as I work I am spraying the house down--it is supposed to get in the 70's today so the windows are all going to be opened.

Alexis has two birthday parties to go tomorrow----so we shall see how that goes--Tony my oldest did not make some wise decisions this past week so he is on restriction this weekend---one thing Tony does not understand, is it totally hurts me to have to do that--but he has to learn there are consequences to his actions.

Little Kevin is walking--WALKING!!!!! Yes, WALKING---He took 5 steps with out any help--and he balanced himself ---ohhh, I just can not believe it :o)

Well that is all for now!!!


Mrs Swan said...

WALKING!! OMGoodness!!!!! Aaron crawled late at 9 months but walked early at 11.5 months. LOL

What a BIG BIG boy!!!

I'd love to hear/see how the salk bred works out. Never heard of it

Anonymous said...

OMG sniff sniff Little Kevin is growing up too fast!!

I would love if you shared your recipe and how it came out when you make it.

I really want to start making our bread instead of buying it. As it is we don't eat much bread and I really don't like buying it. If you ever read the labels everything seems to have corn syrup!

I hope alexis has fun at her parties :)

big kids are so hard to deal with. You really do hate having to punish them at that age, but you have to.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Tracy said...

Boy, you're really on both ends of the spectrum. A difficult (and I use that term loosely) teen and a walking baby!

Anonymous said...

Yes hun you made good sense.
you have to let me know about this bread. Little house is my fav. show. I love all the books.

Mrs. U said...

Walking??? Already??? Oh boy!!! He is growing SO quickly!!! How wonderful to be entering a sweet new phase with him!

Mrs. U

Lori said...

That's cool that little Kevin is walking.

Sounds like you have been busy.

We are going to make a Walmart run this weekend too.

Anonymous said...

I have wood floors....I have heard not to put anything oil on them if they have a shiny coating because after a while the oil eats it away. I don't know how or if it is true but I use vinegar in a spray bottle and wipe them down with a towel. They shine beautifully. Remember not to use too much water on them. It will rot them and bend them. If you use any water remember to wipe them down right away. Hope this helps you.