Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Our Walk Today!

I try and take Kevin on a walk everyday--especially when it is beautiful outside. I know most of you know, I live in a little beach town--but I often forget to share pictures of just how beautiful my little town is--so please join me in my walk this morning--->

My house is down there-->

Can you see the ocean in the back?

Look how pretty

That seagull was just hoping Little Kevin dropped a cheerio...LOL

We walked the whole length of the Pier

Thank you for looking at my pictures of my walk today:)


Anonymous said...

I love your beach and your walk, thank you for sharing. I also live in a beach town. the beach is one of my very favorite spots :)

Irene said...

I love your pictures! You really live in a beautiful part of the world. It is so cold, messy and gray here today, I would give anything for a nice walk by the ocean.

You are very lucky.

Rose of Sharon said...

oh boy! You are sure blessed to be that close to the beach! Lovely pictures! Little Kevin looks like he is enjoying the walk and the time with mommy!

:0) Sharon

Anonymous said...

Tell Tony Happy Birthday!! Today is Jake's 15th birthday too!!

Julieann said...

Mrs. A!!!! Where have you been? I was about to make a post about your wherabouts:)

Did you stop blogging?

Missed you !!!!


Anonymous said...

I have stopped blogging for a little while until things slow down here on the farm. Should be soon. I will let you know.


Anonymous said...

That is one beautiful walk!

Jodi said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the mountains, but I do miss living near the beach. I'm surprised that seagull didn't swoop down and snatch those cheerios out of his hand ~ lol. (Such aggressive birds!)