Wednesday, December 06, 2006


This a pretty poinsietta by my front door:)

This is a wreath, that I have had for many, many years..It is not as pretty as it once was, but my little ever faithful wreath has hung for me every Christmas for about 16 years:)

Isn't this bow darling? It has little jingle bells hanging from it---it really makes my entrance gate look lovely:)


Anonymous said...

Your wreath looks lovely in the photo. I have a wreath that I put up yesterday that is showing a little wear. I tried to fluff it a bit. I can't decide if I will retire it after this year or re-work it.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Julieann! I loved this post. Your well-loved decorations are priceless. It is nice to see someone as sentimental as me -- LOL! Everything looks so Christmassy.

Your wreath almost made me cry. When we made the BIG move last year, I had to downsize considerably, and the Christmas wreath we'd had since our first Christmas together went off to Goodwill. Last year when I went through the decorations I could not believe it was gone. The moral of this way to long comment -- don't do serious decluttering when still sleep deprived because of your newborn!

I keep hoping it will turn up. You never know!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Julieann! I meant to post this comment in your post about wreath, bootie, etc. Hope you see it. Also, thanks for stopping by my little blog.