Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday's Chatter

I thought this picture was precious, plus I just love thrift stores. I could spend hours just looking at everything, wondering who it belonged too, how long they had it, why they gave it up, etc. You can also find some really great finds too. Some of my favorite dresses, I bought for 2 dollars at a thrift store. Vases, bowls, frames--I found this beautiful chenille blanket for 2.00, and it looks beautiful on my bed. I also got this awesome wooden highchair for 5 dollars one year, I brought it over to my grandma's to use there, much easier then having to pack up my highchair everytime we went for dinner, and she has gotten so much use out of it, with other grandchildren to follow.

This morning I woke up, with an idea of what I wanted to accomplish in the morning--a few things I had to buy to finish up my Christmas shopping. Alexis and I got dressed warmly and went shopping, we beat the crowds--yay. I was able to buy everything I needed. I also made it a point to keep a smile on my face, and be as gracious to everyone, hoping it would rub off on some not so happy people---I just don't understand the rudeness some people display, life is so short to be unhappy. I truly believe if you think positive and happy thoughts life is so much better. I try and make the best of everything, and appreciate everything I have been blessed with:)

I also bought a few things I needed like eggs--oh, how nice it would be to have my own chickens...LOL. Onions too. I am going to make hamburgers tonight, and my husband likes a nice slice of onion on his burger--and I was running low on onions. It also was raining this morning, oh how I love the rain.

Friday Dinner:

Hamburgers--with tomatoes, onion, lettuce, cheese, etc.

Homemade French fries



I hope EVERYONE has a wonderful Friday--MERRY CHRISTMAS FRIENDS!!!! XOXO

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Chrissy said...

I'm a HUGE thrift store fan. Here we have Goodwill and my church also runs a thrift store. I always, always, always find something I can use.

I keep a running list of things I'm looking for. When I go thrifting, I have something particular in mind. I love being able to cross things off my list and know I've saved my husband some money by buying second hand ;0)