Monday, December 04, 2006


At about midnight, my little dog woke my husband up to go potty--as my husband goes downstairs, I hear him talking to himself. SOOOOO, I get up and peek over the stairway, and oh what did I see???? Our beautiful Christmas tree, that I spent over the weekend decorating had fallen and crashed to the floor--what a mess. The strange thing is, no one heard it, not even my dog--my dog barks at everything, you think he would have heard this--a few glass balls had broke--so today, I will be redecorating the tree----oh well, if that is the worst that has happened, I think I am okay...LOL. The picture I was going to take and post will have to wait until tonight--after I fix it, I want to take the photo when the lights will show:) I wanted to string the tree with popcorn, but I lost the vote on that one, when everyone else in the family wanted the garland. So that is my little story of our Christmas tree.

Monday Morning:

Load of laundry is going already, when that is finished that will be folded or hung and put away.

prep for dinner

Start Christmas cards


and other little household chores around the house.

Have a very nice Monday xoxoxo

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear!!! I'm thankful that no one was hurt!!! And your dog didn't even bark? That IS strange!!!

Just consider yourself to be doubly blessed- you get to decorate your tree TWICE and once is so much fun I'll bet twice is even MORE fun!! :)

Mrs. U