Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday's Chatter

Happy Wednesday!! I can not wait until Friday---no more school for 2 whole weeks--yay!! I have my babies all to myself:) I was rather busy yesterday, and didn't have a chance to write in my blog----The day just flew by. I was room mom yesterday and then after that I shampooed my carpet in the living room--oh it looks so nice. That room is the room with a lot of activity so it needed a much needed cleaning.
I am taking my Grandma shopping tomorrow so I will pick up some things that I need to make some more Christmas cookies. This weekend, Kevin and I are going to do some Christmas shopping. ( I already have some things hidden in my closet..LOL) Alexis's school was asking for donations of winter coats---so I went through my coats and donated what I had to give. Last night's dinner we had Pork Strips, steamed rice, steamed peas and salad. Tonight's dinner will be Spaghetti and meatballs:) Have a wonderful Wednesday--Stay warm xoxox


Mrs A. said...

My boys don't get out of school until next Thursday. I will be glad to have them home too.

Kelli said...

I have presents hidden in my closet too. :0) Only 2 days until Friday!

Julieann said...

Mrs. A, but then they are home for 2 weeks right?

Kelli, I am counting the days too...LOL

Jackie said...


Here in Massachusetts the children only get the week between Christmas and New Year's off.


Julieann said...

Ohhh Jackie---I am sorry:( A week just doesn't seem right, not enough time to fully enjoy them and the Holiday.

P.S. Thank you for visiting:)