Monday, December 11, 2006


Okay, I admit it--I am very nosey..LOL. I love, love, love when people post pictures, especially of their home. I also love going to my friends home and seeing there home, and how they decorate or organize. So, I am posting some pictures of my very busy looking kitchen---why is it busy, because, I am always in there, baking, cooking, cleaning---etc. As you can see, I still have the wheat sheaths I purchased for Fall--I am not sure what I am going to do with them, but I will keep them. You can kind of see my cork board on the wall--it has important numbers and my calendars and things I need to remember. That is my happy little fridge---it has pictures galore that my daughter has done, and yes another calendar..LOL. I have some canisters on top, with an assortment of fun things to use for baking and cooking, and to the side of the fridge, is a basket of potatoes--I know I should put them in the garage, but then I will forget they are there..LOL.
My island, I love my island!!! I try and keep it cleared off, because that is where I do all my prepping for meals. Do you see the little step stool--that is for my daughter to use, so she can help me:) My beloved bread maker is in the picture too:)
Now, this counter---has my phone and next to the phone is a basket with some pens and my husband throws his keys and cell and wallet in there when he comes home, so the pretty basket hides that clutter--and in the tupperware you see, is filled with some cookies I baked over the weekend--chocolate chip and oatmeal raison. Also there are two canisters with some cereal and of course my hubby's soda.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julieann!!! Your kitchen looks HUGE!!!! Lots of counter space, too!! Wonderful blessing!!!

And your Christmas tree looks sooo tall!! It's beautiful!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

Hello, Julieann! Your kitchen looks so cozy and cute. Really big, too!

Mrs A. said...

I am like you in the fact that I am nosey too! lol I love to look at other peoples homes. I will get on real estate sites a lot of times and look at the homes on there too. lol.

I love your kitchen. I really like your cabinets! Beautiful!!

Kelli said...

Your kitchen is so cheery and welcoming!! I love your big island, what a wonderful place to do some baking! I'm nosey too and I enjoyed taking a peek into your beautiful kitchen! :0)