Thursday, December 28, 2006

It's Official

I went to the Doctor's today for my baby checkup--everything is going wonderfully--Thank you God!!! We had an ultrasound, and they are most definite it is a boy--I even saw it. My husband took off today to go, so it was a special day. I don't know if you remember, I had an ultrasound at around 13 weeks, and they said it was a boy then, I just wasn't sure if I could believe them, being so early on--but I believe the doctor now, especially since I was able to see his little package:) A BOY, I AM HAVING A BOY.....I am so very blessed:)))


Mrs A said...

I am do glad everything is going well. A blessed baby boy!!! Boys are so much fun (of course having 3 boys and no girls I am partial to boys lol)

I am so happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

Yay Julieann!! A boy! I'm so happy for you.

Kelli said...

Oh, how wonderful! Congratulations! Little boys are so snuggly!

Julieann said...

Thank you all very much--I am so excited:)

I have a boy and a girl already, so I kind of know what to expect with both--4 more months to go--woohoo:)