Friday, July 28, 2006

School Supplies

Even at 36, I still love that time year when it is time to buy school supplies. I love office supplies stores--almost as much as I love Kitchen stores. I think, I am finished stocking up both my children with there supplies. In Georgia, they have lists in the stores telling you what each grade will need, California did not have that little convienance, it was always a guess and then after school started, running back to the store for the missed items. Everything was priced so cheap--lined paper was only 15 cents---glue 20 cents---markers 50 cents--etc--I had so much fun--I even stocked my desk too. I bought Tony a really neat backpack, that has wheels on the bottom and a handle pulls out if he wants to roll it--if he does not like it, I will return it, but it is sooooo nice. Alexis, of course got a pink backpack with a pink lunch box. Little by little, I have also been buying clothes, so they will have nice clothes to were to school. Even though I sound very excited about the school supplies, I am very sad, when school starts---I don't like sending my kids to school for so long, I miss them. This will be especially hard for me with Alexis starting Kindergarten---I am hoping they will let me be a room mom during the week. I was the Friday room mom for Tony during elementary school. I don't think he would like it if I hung around him at highschool..LOL. I can not believe my son is going to highschool---it seems just like yesterday, he was a tiny baby, and I was nursing him. Now he is about a foot taller then me....So are you all ready for school? I would really love to homeschool, but I am not sure if I would be able to teach them everything they would need to know:( I have taught Tony at home before, and he and I really enjoyed it-----I am so jealous of the mom's that do homeschool all the time. Well, That is all for now--I have baked ravioli in the oven cooking, so I must check it, and start my salad for dinner---Kevin should be home pretty soon--YAY!!!!!!!!

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