Wednesday, July 12, 2006

This and That

I have worked so hard on our play/craft/computer room these past 2 days--it really looks great, and I feel so organized now.
Tony leaves for Washington tomorrow--I am going to miss my child, so much. I have his clothes all cleaned, I just have to put them in the suitcase.
Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner??? I love the Holidays, so very much, starting with Halloween--oohhhh spooky----I love to decorate--my house looked awesome last Halloween----Also, the smells of the Holidays are always so nice--sometimes in the summer, I will bake something to remind me of the Holidays, and make the house smell so good!!
It is a very warm day here, we have the A/C on so it stays nice in the house, but my poor husband has to work out in the heat:( He is out of town at the moment, but should be home soon. I packed him a bunch of food for his trip and i snuck little love notes in his suitcase:) he is a very Husband and Father. Our anniversary is coming up too----I am still praying for another little one to bless our family----I am trying not to obsess about it---but it is so exciting having a baby, something, I so want.
I have some red beans cooking on the stove, that I had soaked all night--I will have them with some rice--and of course a veggie. Maybe some bread too.
well, I can not believe how fast today went..LOL----But I am very proud of all the work I have gotten done today--it is so nice to be organized.
36 is slowly creeping up on me---13 more days--OHHHH how I want to be pregnant for my birthday!!!!

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