Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday's Ramble

I have been on the internet for many years, and through those years, I have read many articles, posts, forums, etc.....about women venting about there husbands. These really make me sad. I mean I can understand if the vent was about abuse. The vents I am talking about is the husband getting home late and missing dinner, or putting his dirty clothes on the floor, or not rinsing off his dish. I have heard women call there husband idiots, stupid, lazy, and so on. Those words do noy exist in my vocabulary when I am talking about my husband and they never will. My husband works so very hard to provide for our family. I am able to stay home and care for the family and home. So what if he leaves his clothes on the floor, or doesn't wipe the hair off the sink. I am there to do all that---I am home all day. I surely wouldn't want to do the work he does, and I am so thankful that I am able to stay home with my children, and make a beautiful home for my husband to come home too. How can some women be so cruel to there beloved. I also understand some women have to work outside the home, which I do not agree with if there are children at home, but that is another post all together. The working mom's need to schedule there time wisely to be able to still make a warm and inviting home for there family. Things like, preparing home made meals on there days off, and using the freezer---the freezer can be there friend. I have also read wifes/mom's going on strike, because they are unhappy about certain things----just another excuse for them to do nothing. What would happen if the husband decided to go on strike at his job??? It sounds rediculous doesn't it? Why in the world would a husband want to even help out, if all he gets is name calling, complaining, etc. Also how hard is it for a wife to shower everyday and dress nice for her man, it doesn't take that much effort---I would never wear a stained shirt or dirty sweat pants --yuck. My husband married a women, he married someone who is feminie and soft, and smells pretty. I do everything I can to be the loving wife God would want me to be, and in return, I have a wonderful, happy husband who would do anything for me, as I would do for him. I take care of all his needs. I do his laundry, and put everything away. I read about women not even think about touching there husband's laundry, saying it could pile up for all they care--that is so mean. OH, I love the women who have just had a baby, and can't do a darn thing.....I have had two children and both by C-section---I was up and doing what needed to be done the day I came from the hospital. Women have been having babies since the begiining of time. No one helped my great grandmother, no one helped my grandmother--women these days have it way too easy!!!! The complaining that goes on, is terrible. Some stay at home mom's joke about watching Tv and eating Bon Bon's--but for some it isn't a joke it is a reality--i do know some women who are glued to there TV, eating all day and doing nothing--and then complain, they can't fit into a certain outfit. If I can not feel good about myself, how can myhusband feel good about me? My husband has a saying--he says--If Mama isn't happy, nobody is happy!! I think of that everyday, and giggle--I am on the most part very happy--the days that seem a little more upsetting, like when I think about my MOM's death--I just pray to God, and I also talk to my mother in my heart and know one day I will see her again---I also think of my beautiful children, and my very handsome husband, and the happiness just flows through me. My motto is, I am a wife and mother...what else is there??? I must go for now--I will write more on this later.

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