Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Kitchen

<----This is my kitchen. I love my kitchen. As you can see, I collect cows, well maybe you can't see all of them, but they are there. I spend a good part of my day there, making breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family. I also love to bake--as you can also see, I have a bread maker, which I love--a lot of times though, I will use just the dough cycle--and bake the bread in the oven, I like the shape of the loaf better that way. I also make bread by hand. I have mastered, all kinds of breads, bagels, pizza dough, and dinner rolls. The smell of fresh baked bread is wonderful as it permeates the house.

I haven't tried sourdough, but I am looking for a recipe for a sourdough starter. Does anyone out there have a tried and true sourdough starter? Today is Thursday, and I got on my hands and knees and gave my kitchen floor a good old fashoined scrubbing. I am planning on making some cookies today, which I know my daughter will love to help with this--she does really well at cracking eggs. I forgot to mention, for my birthday, Kevin bought me the whole first season of Little house on the Prairie---oh, I was so excited--the first season is my favorite. I also have some more good news, Kevin does not have to go out of town next week--so he will be home everynight--woohoo. 2 more weeks until my son returns home from washington--I miss him so much. It is a beautiful day here in Georgia--it doesn't seem to hot outside, but the wasps and bees always scare me when i am out there. I love looking out my windows and seeing all the beautiful trees all around--they are always so full of beautiful birds. I got most of my housework done that I wanted to do today---I love the smell of a clean home!!! Happy Thursday everyone:)

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