Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday's To Do's

Tuesday's to do's------>I never know what to title my journal entry..LOL---oh well. I took some pictures of my laundry room to share. I have to do laundry daily to keep up, and I feel that if you have a nice work enviroment, with all the things you need it is more enjoyable. I made my soup this morning--it cooked up quicker then usual, which I am happy about, now we can have it for lunch. I was going to boil my chicken yesterday, but I had forgot I had fish that needed to be cooked, so Alexis and I enjoyed that for dinner. It is a beautiful summer day, the sun is out and it is warm outside, I suppose it will get warmer as the day goes on.
I have a few things I would like to get done this week---I am still working on Tony's room. I am thinking I am going to bring his box of toys downstairs to play room--he is going on 15 and not really into toys anymore, so I figure, if he needs something, he can get it down here--plus it will declutter his room a bit.
I also want to work on my Household notebook--I keep finding such fun printables to put in there-----If you aren't too sure how to start a notebook, google flylady--she has a lot of tips to get started.
I also bought some large poster boards, and making a new chore chart for the kids---I am going to put the chore chart on there plus printable calandars on it, and put it somewhere they can see it daily and be reminded to do certain things.
Let me see if I can post the pics of my laundry room---->
YAY, it worked!!!

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