Thursday, September 15, 2011



Today is Thursday, that means it is almost the weekend~~~YaY!!

The actual Fall season starts in a little less then a week. I start a little earlier in celebrating fall and savor every minute of it. I am hoping when I go to the grocery store, the holiday creamers are out.

Oh, and guess what, I found out we have a Walmart Super Center in California..I am so beyond excited to go there. It is in Oceanside, and my Google map says it is 17 minutes away...I am definitely going to go check it out this weekend:)

We are working on getting our garage organized, slowly but surely it is coming along. The garage just seems to be a catch all room.
Hopefully soon it will be done and I won't be horrified when Kevin opens the garage door..LOL.

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Jenn said...

You will love the Supercenter Julieann! I know we do.