Friday, September 02, 2011

Little House Fun Fact!

On The Little House Fan Page on Facebook, this is the fun fact they posted. I thought it was cute:)

Fun Fact Fridays!!- Quite possibly the first TV show where male adults (and practically everyone else) would be seen crying in all seriousness (as opposed to for comical effect etc.). Because of this trend, once the show got aired in Iceland, it quickly got nicknamed "Crying in The Cornfield" by viewers and haters alike.


Ann said...

Crying in the Cornfield, I like that. I never was a Little House fan. I much preferred Michael Landon as Little Joe. Part of that was because watching Bonanza with my grand-ma is one of those really good memories I have of her.

Anonymous said...

oh that is funny! i sooo loved that show as a kid and i share it with my kids now.