Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

A sign of Fall:)
Do you have a favorite apple pie recipe? My favorite apple pie recipe is Martha Stewart's Mile High Apple Pie:)

Yesterday after school, I took Alexis to her Ballet class. I really like the teacher and Alexis is really enjoying the class. We changed dance schools and I really am glad we did, this is such a wonderful school:)

Last night for dinner we had roasted chicken and all sorts of roasted veggies. Asparagus, peppers and petite green beans. We also had a salad.

Tonight I am making a hamburger casserole.

The sun has not come out yet, it is cloudy and looks so Fallish. It isn't cold though, it is in the low 70's.

I have hung up my fall leaves around the house. I have smelly candles, pumpkin, apple and cinnamon and of course my old faithful vanilla.

We bought Little Kevin a new bed, it is a trundle bed. It is really nice. Kevin and I can't decide on the theme of his "New" big boy room...Baseball or Star Wars??

I have bananas that are turning, so I am thinking of making banana muffins today. Muffins seem to go faster then a loaf.

Okay, I heard on the news about the Missoni at Target, and how it all sold out in about an hour and their website of course I had to see what it was..UM, I don't know? Maybe it will grow on me, but right now, I can't understand the big fuss...LOL....
Have a super Wednesday!!!


The Swan said...

Wow i hadn't heard of the missoni but google it after i saw your blog post. Ummm ew? lol not my style

Jenn said...

What is "Missoni"?? Never heard of it...LOL

I am happy for Fall too. Can't wait to get up a bunch of deco this coming week...yayay it's going to be so cozy!!! Of course Fall brings it's challenges with dieting but I am sure to make pumpkin spice lattes once I buy some pumkin and a pumpkin mousse made with splenda...yay!