Thursday, September 08, 2011


I really do not like the way I have my comment section set up. I always left my comment section open to anyone that wanted to comment. BUT, the spam I am getting is just out of control. Does the word modification stop spam comments from going through? My comment section is set up to where I have to approve them, and I really don't like that. I want the comments to be able to come right through:) I just can't stand some of the content of the spam comments, I am sure you all know what content I am talking about. Why my blog brings those kind of comments, I don't know:( What do you all do or suggest?


Mari said...

Such a pain! I changed my comments to have to be verified on posts older than a week. That really helped in my case. I'm resisting the word verification because I hate it on the blogs I visit and I've sworn I won't add it.
Hope things improve!

Laura said...

Hi there! Just popping over from DeNiece's blog. :)
I think that the only thing you can do is to keep the comment moderation on.
I had an old man that absolutely HATED me and he would call me every name in the book on my blog. It got to the point where, I didn't even want him reading my posts anymore so... the moderation wasn't even enough. I ended up dumping that blog, getting a new profile and starting again.
I'm not sure why some feel the need to be mean or to post nonsense.

I know that the moderation isn't perfect but, I think that most people understand why some use it. :)
I hope that spammers take a hike! :)


Julieann said...

Thank you both, Mari and Laura!

Blogger does have a spam catcher, but they weren't catching all the spam, and it is frusterating. I am sure theese kind of spam comments are auto me saying STOP IT probably won't work...LOL. I did have a chat box for awhile and the spam that was going on that was awful. I asked them to stop and one person flat out said NO. So I took it frusterating.

Oh well....I will open my comments back up, and maybe I can just delete the spams that get through.