Monday, September 19, 2011


After I picked Alexis up from school on Thursday. We were standing in the kitchen and Alexis says, MOM!!! Look at all the bees outside. I looked outside and there were what looked like to be thousands of bees swarming all around my house. I ran upstairs and made sure all the windows were shut. Then I looked out the window in disbelief. It was a scene out of a scary movie!! I could see the bees were only around my home, not my neighbors through my upstairs window. I called the police, not 911, but the local number and told them I had bees banging up against my windows and it was really discerning. They weren't passing through, they weren't leaving. I started to feel frantic inside. I was staying calm in front of my children but inside I was nervous. The bees were not going away. The police gave me a number to call, that didn't work out. So I called my husband, and I started to cry. The bees banging on my window were really getting to me.

I called a company called Bee Buster's and they came right out. If you click on the picture above, and enlarge it, you can see the bees between the bushes. By the time Bee Buster got to my house, the bees had settled down, but were not leaving. The Man said that through his experience, the reason why the bees won't leave is usually the queen is injured and landed in my yard and all the worker bees will not leave her side. Just my luck, Mama Bee decided to plant herself in my yard! He used a shopvac and vacuumed them up and then used a spray to get the rest. I was sorry they had to be destroyed, but they assured me the africanized bees have mixed in with the honey bees and no bee swarm was safe anymore.

Then on the front front page of our local newspaper, 4 people had been hospitalized that day in Santa Ana from bee swarms, scary stuff!!

It cost $150.00 to get rid of them.


DeNiece Barnes said...

Julieann I praise God that you or the kids did not get bite. That would be a scary thing for me also, I was looking at that picture like Wow that is a big swarm. I am so glad that it was all taking care of but I do hate that you had to spend that must money. I have a new Fall video tour up and just wanted to stop through and let all my friends know so hello friend my Fall tour is up lol

Christian Homekeeper said...

Oh wow! I would be scared too and there have been a lot of recent reports of attacks the past 2 weeks. It is bad in our yard that they actually chase us out into the street and my daughter is terrified to even go outside now. She got stung recently and they are just crazy out there. The maintenance man said he sprayed a few doors down because they were really bad. I've never seen them like this and my daughter is praying for winter so she can go outside without being scared LOL!

Glad you didn't get harmed!


Kathi said...

Julieann, I am so glad you are okay. That would be very frightening, especially with them banging into your windows. I am not afraid of honey bees, but if they were hornets I'd be quite scared. Did you find out which kind they were? Kathi

Robin said...

Oh Julieann, Thank God none of you were hurt, and that she noticed them from inside the house! {{{{hugs to you all}}}}