Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To Freeze Corn

I caught a few minutes of the Martha Stewart Show today. She is on the hallmark Channel and she comes on a few times during the day here. When I can, I try and catch her. The topic I saw today she was explaining how to freeze Corn and Tomatoes:) When corn goes on sale I am going to freeze it like she said:) I never knew you could freeze tomatoes the way she did it. She just froze the whole tomato, all she did was core it. She said when you want a tomato, take it out of the freezer and let it sit for a bout 45 minutes. The skin peels right off and then you can grate it. She made spaghetti squash topped with ricotta cheese and then she made a tomato sauce with the frozen tomatoes and some onion. It looked really good.

Now, the corn, you have to blanch it before freezing.

I found a whole bunch of How to videos on you tube. It is something so simple to do, but so useful!

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The Lady of the House said...

Freezing corn!!! Julieann, I grew up in KY and remember many a hot, humid summer day made even hotter and more humid with my Granny freezing corn. There was just so much of it and were eating frozen corn still in May of the next year.