Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Target or Walmart:)

Happy Tuesday!
October 9th, Target will be opening in our town. It will be just one plaza over from Walmart.
You can see them both from the top of my hill.
I love both stores and am super excited to have them both so close. Walmart by far is cheaper, BUT, Target does have some things too in their own right. I really like the clothes there.

I was talking with a lady that works at Walmart and she said that Walmart matches any price, so if you find something cheaper at Target, they will match that price...BUT, to me , the things I like at Target, they don't have at Walmart, but that is a neat policy Walmart has. I have also heard that Target is going to be a supercenter, I can't confirm that yet, but that would be really neat. The Walmart Super center we went to about a week or two ago is in Oceanside, so it would be really awesome to have a Super Center so close.

It is a beautiful day today, it has been really nice fallish weather. Today though, they say it is suppossed to warm up.

My Father's birthday is Wednesday, so this weekend my sister and I are throwing him a birthday party on Saturday. His favorite meal is a turkey dinner, so that is what my sister told him we would make. After we got off the phone, I said to her, are you sure you are going to find a turkey right now..LOL. Well, I found some at Albertson's, Foster Farm Fresh Turkey, so if my sister can't find a Butterball, that is what we will get.

My grandmother will come down too. She now stays with my father since she can not hear or see too well.

Tonight's Dinner:
Baked chicken breasts
Roasted veggies

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