Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I kept thinking today was Thursday--I am a day ahead of myself---OOPS! I dropped off a cookbook and a bottle of Skin So Soft to my sister---I used to lather that stuff all over myself when I was in Georgia--the mosquitoes loved me out there--I don't need it anymore--and I had a huge bottle left, and she wanted it--because she was getting bit by something.

Her daughter is Ill today--so ballet is put off again---the girls, my daughter and her daughter are starting together---we just need them both well---it is okay---I was kind of glad it was put off for one more week--I have lots I want to do. Shopping for one thing--I need a few, just a few groceries. Last night, when I made chicken, I had stopped at Albertson's and bought a bottle of Ken's Marinades-buffalo wing sauce---and I marinaded my chicken in that--boy, was that good:)

I am going to check out the meat section today at the store---I have so much chicken, but I need other meat too. My husband is such a meat and potatoes man. Before we were married, I never bought red meat--everything was Tofu, Rice Milk, Soy Milk, lots of veggies, Turkey bacon, or ground chicken--etc--very healthy eating--I really enjoy the variety of cooking I get to do married to him----My husband and kids are my biggest fans.....

Okay, well I just wanted to make a quick post--Have a wonderful Wednesday and thank you so much for coming by:)

P.S. Yes, Mrs. Ruiz---*Fred* is at Walmart:) He sells for a great price, just a little under $7.00--My grandmother named hers *MIKE*...LOL. Have you all seen Fred at YOUR Walmart? You need to give him a home. Mrs. R---You will have to let me know what you name yours!!


Lori said...

Happy Wednesday to you too. I always enjoy hearing what you are cooking. It always gives me some new ideas.

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh at the naming the scarecrow. I have one too. It's outside all ready along with some smaller scarecrows. I think I'll name the big one Henry! I got mine at Christmas tree store, something like $4.50 he's adorable.

Charree said...

Hi Julieann!

My DH is very much a meat and potatoes kind of guy too. I would be just fine only eating chicken, but not him.

Have a great Thursday!!


Mrs.Ruiz said...

Im going to get "George" today, that is what I named him:) I will let you know when I post a picture then you can see him.

Swansong said...

I got one today too Still waiting on Aaron to name him So far all I get is Ummmm ummmm ummmmm