Friday, September 19, 2008

The Duggars!

I had heard that the Duggars are getting their own Reality Show---and of course I had to Google it---I am just tickled--They are--YAY!! I just adore the Duggars--and I so want to be like Michelle when I grow up. I am not posting a link to the article because the comments under neath were terrible--UGH! I am thrilled though:) If you want to read about it, just Google *Duggars Reality Show*


Ronda said...

Hi Julieann,
I love the Duggar's also. They are an amazing family. I can't waite to see the tv show. Thanks for posting and letting us know.
Love & Prayers,

Mrs.Ruiz said...

Thanks for that info. I too love thre Duggars. What a great family. I dont understand how anyone can say anything bad about them. Im going to look for the site. Thanks again Julieann

Shirla said...

I love the Duggars too. I am looking forward for their show to come on. I also like Jon and Kate Plus 8. It was neat to see when they traveled to NC and they stopped off in central VA to look at a house. I'm not far from the house they looked at. It would have been neat having them live so close to me. *Off to Google to find out more about the Duggars new show*

Sharon said...

Dear Juliann,

Your apple fritters look delicious! You are such a good wife and mother!

I wanted to leave a comment about the Duugars. I think I might be one of the only women in our group of comminity of bloggers that doesn't particularly care for the Duggars. Well, I think they are nice and loving and it is neat that they have a strong Christian lifestyle. They are proud to be Christians and let the whole world know it. I like that they are raising the kids in the Lord too. I just really don't agree with having all the children. I think it is probably a good show to watch to get good ideas about how to organize etc. But I have four sons and it is difficult for me to stay connected with each boy at the level that I like all the time because there are four of them and we have a very busy lifestyle. I used to think I could have two more children and still be a very good mother and be really close to all of them, but I am not entirely sure about that now. I think it would be impossible to be really close to 16 chidren and make sure that they are growing in the Lord, not making bad choices, watching their character, knowing if they are happy in the hearts or not, knowing their passions and allowing them to pursue their passions.

I know that Michelle is a very organized person, but a lot of times it is her older children disciplining, reading to and rocking the younger ones. I strongly feel these jobs are for Mamma.

That's just my oppinion. I hope this doesn't upset you Julieann. It is just how I feel.

I hope you have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Apple fritters look SO good! You are such a good cook! And I also love the Duggars! They are a very nice, well mannered, self sufficient, good to the environment, good to each other, respectful family! They are better to their 17 children than MOST people are to their one or two! I wouldn't want that many, but they can well afford them on their own without help, so more power to them! I will be a faithful watcher of their show. I also love Jon & Kate Plus 8. Both make for good family viewing for parents and kids together without fear of words or situations!

Julieann said...

Thank you all for your comments everyone:)

Sharon, of course, I am not upset with your comment. I know their story is not for everyone--I think you stated your opinion so nicely--it is the ones that say things that are just mean, kwim? Hugs my friend!


Kelly said...

YAY! That rocks!!!!!!!!!!